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  1. Rather than for me to find out what can be wrong with this article http://worldpublicityblog.com/index.php/2019/09/26/bitcoin-is-now-among-the-top-30-currencies-in-the-entire-world/ I would say that maybe we should just be happy that Bitcoin is now recognized and on the map as one of the top currencies of the world. Of course, Bitcoin is not perfect though it is still evolving as it just left its 10th year anniversary. Compared to other fiat currencies which existed for decades and even centuries, Bitcoin should be considered as just a teenager in this game and so still has a big space to grow with. There are issues with its adoption and other things but those are just normal concerns and will hopefully be address gradually. There is no question that Bitcoin is now popular and has been bearing the flag of the entire cryptocurrency industry and this forum in the first place could not have come about had it not been because of this coin.
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