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  1. i think some of them are not worthy if you look most famous wallet you will see a alot of feature so there is no need to use some other useless wallet which may steal your money
  2. well now a days everyone is in hurry all need money at high ration and mining is very slow process and alot of time and budget consuming so my opinion is not profitable .
  3. i mean if some want to invest in trading what should he know about a coins or about exchange or something else please justify
  4. Yes it is possible to earn a lot of money from internet and especially from online crypto currency like bitcoin ,riffle and other on trading and investing and also from free website where you will work and they will pay like this site .
  5. i think there is no such great benefits for the user is just like no investment their will be no profit so one must have the knowledge of how to invest and share with others
  6. wait what it sounds like i love you but as best friend let us know more about this coin or it is going to be launch soon this will be very good and surprised for sumsung mobile company
  7. where i can see all the rules reagarding posting reaction and much more i wanna to know how to use this website and learn more please guide me
  8. that sounds great but please bring some new ideas regarding exchange so peolpe get interested and more and more peolpe get into this plate form like blokchain etc
  9. i will prefer to invest in cyptocurrency becasue the time is not far away that every one will start trading in the bitcoin and market will be full of crypto currency
  10. always ready for any type of competition and wanna to feel some new updates regard crypto talks and this is very good plat form and share my experience with you guys
  11. Lol ! because they know if crypto currency get famous now one will prefer the manula and pyhsical currency because the trend is now of crypto currency . and please what is the source
  12. no one will prfer to others plat form because every one now needs security and relaible sytem and this done by just a bog plat gform like binance , blockchain etc
  13. there is no minimum amount which need for trading and it depend on the price of the coins in which you want to buy and sell and in which plat form you wanna use and for future
  14. i think it depend on the the wallet how much your wallet is legit and how they manage all their transaction and how is the performace of the system the use as software and hardware but all of these the binace is the best
  15. as we see new technology merges every day and it alos expected new things will be invented soon just look at the blockchain and imagine how much hardworking will be behind it and how it comes to the peak its all about hard working
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