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  1. There are many source of creat new coin. You can goto youtube or google and search this topic hopefully get new information. Thanks fo share this topic.
  2. I have no idea how to deleted cryptotalk account permanently. But I donot try this because my account now good. You can contact admin and hopefully get good suggestion.
  3. Now a days yobit is good exchanger site because all time give good services. You can started exchange with yobit. Now I am use yobit exchange and happy.
  4. Yes bitcoin mining bad for your personal computer. If you started mining with computer that's time must need supercomputer. Supercomputer is best for mining.
  5. I think you should collect some xrp coin. Because now xrp coin price is low hopefully after few month you get good profit. So I think now xrp is best coin for benefit.
  6. Aoshim

    BTC Mining

    Btc mining is good idea and profitable business. Now a days some mining website published but not get paid. So when you invest in any mining site that should more becarefull.
  7. Thanks for share new website 5 btc giveaway. Now I am joined and hopefully some amount give me this website. But now days maximum airdrop is fack do not paid.
  8. This is great idea cryptotalk share family members and friend. I think you should first time share deatils cryptotalk and opportunity to earn. I think your family members and friend are very happy when you share cryptotalk.
  9. I think every member happy to join her. Because cryptotalk is best communication senter and all time give good information. Every user is very helpful and daily post nice content. So I am happy with cryptotalk.
  10. Trading is best and possible to earn big money. I not support mining because maximum is fack. So you can stated trading hopefully get good profit.
  11. I used mobile data but not have wifi. I think mobile data is best for working cryptotalk user because no changes ip address. But as you wish you can use mobile data or wifi.
  12. Yes you can get more followers but should every time submit helpful content. If you share real information and good services then get possible to more followers.
  13. No it's not true because crypto currency is real money. You can convert crypto currency to real money. Now crypto currency is famous and popular. Day by day increase currency user and get good profit.
  14. I need bitcoin price quickly incress because I am investor. When bitcoin price is high that time possible to get more benefits. You can stated business with bitcoin and another crypto currency.
  15. There are many btc apps which paid properly. You can work bituro or stromplay. Because legit apps and work system is easy and minimum withdraw only 1$. Payment paid after 24 hours and direct coinbase.
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