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  1. That was too profitable but for that need hardjob and i think thare have many risk also bro. but you can try.
  2. can i say lol?? i think we need research about this because this can also be scam bro and for that we neeed to stay alart.
  3. Now bitcoin is main of all secure online payment method that i think. and bitcoin was created in 2009 and thanks for your information also,.
  4. I use facebook lite and other app like pubg and browser and i spend maximum time in google chrome brother.
  5. as i know latium is really good application for earn money but other also too good but i mostly like latium bro.
  6. Yes bro bitcoin also use in black market and many heacker also use bitcoin for eligal work and for that stay safe.
  7. Yes bro but now crpto is little stable but i wish soon this will again get double price and we will earn more benifit that time.
  8. Now i think this was locked mode so you can just earn now delay parentage bro and sell that not all coin.
  9. Hidden mining is really harmful for our pc and we can easily stop this by using some extension bro. have a good day.
  10. I have also tthis goal but for that many hardjob bro and i know i can't do this but i i always try this with hard job .
  11. Enjin coin?? really?? but i am agree with bat because now this coin is performing well bro. and have a big chance
  12. yes bro. this was really best time to buy btc and all crypto because now all market is down. and if we buy now then we will get more benift
  13. Crypto is now growing her famous and now many new companies and country are interested on crypto for that we can say this was our fututre.
  14. Coinbase always provide safe method and we can send that easy and coinbase wallet i use from 2017 for and they privde send by mail address to.
  15. I think now always better is holding bro and when the price of crypto go to top and bullrul runing then we need to sell
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