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  1. Why does everyone say that there are problems with access and the link is not working? I personally checked it, everything works for me. Use the search via telegram. Telegrams may be prohibited in your country I watched this channel for a long time, watched its work. It can be seen that the goods are real and most likely they work honestly. They recently added reviews for their customers, now everyone can see it.
  2. Hey. I recently found one of the telegram stores in which wallets with a balance are sold. Communicated with the seller, he provided all the evidence, they work honestly. The offer is very tempting, the prices for wallets are really low, but I would like to make the first purchase with someone together. So much cheaper. If anyone is interested, contact me through the mail. Telegram store itself: https://t.me/cryptshop7 You can familiarize yourself with everything, your opinion is interesting.
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