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  1. Bro in my own opinion cryptotalk last for a long time because that was online as future because now many people involved it to earn money and day by day it's rapidly increasing..
  2. I just 2_3 hours spending time in this forum because I am a student and I joined two days ago this forum by my friends but I use my more time a day in this forum...
  3. Bro firstly you have to get your withdraw from yobit account to your wallet after that we have to find a exchange website of cryptocurrency then we have to rquest for the money in the site and then we can be paid for tokens..
  4. No bro I don't think Change your mobile phone because if you only have one account and you can open it on another device than admin ban your account..
  5. First we can see all tropic and understand than you can post and I think you can make yoru first 100 posts within in 3 to 4 days but you can earn more knowledge about crypto on see YouTube video..
  6. I personally think cryptotalk is the best forum for learning and discussing about cryptocurrency and I also think that crypto talk forum is very profitable..
  7. Coin of the day for me has been YUPA and SEDO because this coin has a high volume today..
  8. Now xrp price very nice and I think xrp rise upto $1.40 in the end of 2020...
  9. Cool post,I think there are many advantages from digital currency and we can use this digital currency anywhere or also you can earn here for holding coins that is absolutely great..
  10. Bro I believe that crypto has good future and this accumulated amount will give me best profit and I just like to buy coins whenever they go down and accumulate them..
  11. In my opinion bitcoin will stay in the crypto market forever because bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and it is most trusted...
  12. I think Bitcoin is illegal in Asia because governments think it is bad for us and I think governments wants other currency..
  13. I think the best way to avoid scammer not chat with unknown peoples or don't give any money to unknown man and avoid scammers you should not patake fraudulent activities relationship to this currency..
  14. In my opinion yes I think that will be a problem for the Bank because the Crypto system does not use taxes and they will lose a lot of money..
  15. Of course we can earn something better than Bitcoin in the future but now bitcoin price very low but not also bitcoin other coin price dumping now but I hope very soon all coin price pumping...
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