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  1. Hy guys So you need I agree with you because the aged in the discipline of digital currencies have it lot os records and experience that we can advantage or analyse from so that we become successful like theme thanks 😊
  2. Paxful is the best place to buy Bitcoin with Google play gift card buy and sell Bitcoin with Google play gift card no you can use Google play gift card to buy and sell Bitcoin is frankly and seriously on text
  3. hy guys Good question, when we make useless or meaningless comments in post not related to the topic then the admin warn us and they deleted our bad posts comment thanks
  4. Way Wes time on things that do not pay is they promised things get better each and every day is blockchain and technology keeps thing up why not take a look
  5. India need to discourage gold import to provide adequate capital for higher bitcoins price moves are being driven by competing digital currencies
  6. In this case you need to fine tune your trading approach here are four practical way to boost your day trading profits they do not realize that the simpler way is to do the the opposite number 1 limit the markets you trade number to limit the house your trade number 4 limit the number of trades you take number for limit the the risk you take on
  7. cryptocurrency meaning is a process in which translation for virus from of cryptocurrency are verified and added to the blockchain digital in ledger to be competitive with other crytominers though a cryptocurrency need a computers with specialized hardware
  8. Hy guys Meanwhile, even with Bitcoin’s rise, some topaltcoins have experienced some impressive gains versus the world’s pre-eminent cryptocurrency. Let take a see at the top altcoins that have out performed thank you for see my message
  9. Hy guys in my opinion now already enter alt season today all holders must be happy. Because of some price altcoins start rising. If it's like this good for playing short-term trading but be careful the market is still dominant bitcoin again rages to the price of $ 9500. It's better to wait for the bitcoin side away to be harmless thank you
  10. Hy guys The telegram that we used to chat everyday made a new breaknthrough to join the cryptocurrency world.they were doing their own blockchain you think TON can compete with other Coins?and what is the highest estimated price that can be achieved by TON thanx
  11. Hy guys So I have at least to own 100000 coins in order tohave networth of $250000 in 2022, Will this net worth enough for me thank you for see my massage
  12. Hy guysI have a daily return from my work and I want to buya good currency with this return from here until the end of the year and store it for some timeWhich currency would you recommend me to buy nowI was thinking about buying bitcoin especially that the expectation for a possible rise of Bitcoin beginning of the new year or after the recent Halving.Is Bitcoin a good option to buy now or would you recommend another currency Explain the reason please thank you for your coine
  13. hy friends never read a book with cryptiocurrency and investment. I did my own studies and my best teacher is my experience. Those books were made by person who did not go to school but make more experience with crypto. Thank you 😊
  14. Hy guys are you feeling good It's a general belief that most common reason is for the losses incurred by crypto traders is as a result of indiscipline, therefore, I want those who have gathered some level of trading discipline to share their secrets here for all to learn. please share.. thanks 😊
  15. Failure is the path of success and loss is the path of profit, and the loss in circulation will lead me to more diligence and try to compensate for the loss If I lose my money by trading, I will not be disappointed. Because success does not come at once. So I will correct my mistakes and trade again
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