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  1. I saw some guys worn signature of Cryptotalk.org in bitcointalk.org forum. So, are there signature campaign actively run? If yes, please give me link.
  2. I checked around the forum and have not yet found any topics on forum rules (official or unofficial), guides on rank system, and pinned topics. Furthermore, the forum also need serious boards, relates to forum's things only. Please (admin) consider about my suggestion and integrate those things above for the forum. Best, Yudu.
  3. This is a good payment rate for such a young forum , but how do posters will get payments? 1) How often post count will be check? Daily or weekly? 2) How often payment will be sent to posters for their eligible posts ? Daily or weekly? 3) Where to leave BTC address to get payments for eligible posts? 4) Can you point out where I can get forum rules and rank system? Best, Yudu
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