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  1. You are right here you learn about crypto earn from crypto and also lose our money due to amr mistake. So, It's fantasy world when you make money otherwise if you lose then you face the real reality of crypto.
  2. I would like to choos number 3 because i don't think so it’s good way to earn and It's worth of nothing. so It's better to sleep.
  3. It's a policy to hacks someone account and most of us do the same thing we store our data to mail. We should more smart than hackers
  4. You are right there are a lot of disadvantage but i think the advantage are more than the disadvantage.
  5. I am also join in crypto since 2017. But in the middle of 2019 for few month i take some break than Again start my journey with crypto. At this moments i do trade.
  6. I think bitcoin eth and ltc is the right choose to hold for 2022 due to there huge possibility to growth till 2022 and i am also try to hold those cryptocurrency.
  7. You can earn perday 30k satosi where the post content need minimum 100 character and also you can check your reward to your youbit account.
  8. I think bitcoin is the right choice to hold for long tearm investment because if you buy at low price and hold untill the price raising definitely you can earn much more from it.
  9. I don’t think anyone want that the bitcoin will stable due to the volatility makes people attract on bitcoin which also way to make some income.
  10. It’s normal first time nothing is attract people. Those who are try to convince about crypto to other they are not attract to it but few time late those people try to understand the crypto.
  11. It’s quite true but i think there also some people is still with their bitcoin who was buy at 2010.
  12. Basically i am not market analyzer but according to my knowledge the price of bitcoin will not much more move in this year and It's also not going to below 7k$ but in the next year hope we get some good news where the price of bitcoin will cross 20k$ Again. Let see what will happen.
  13. As a my personal Opinion i think that bitcoin is the best choice to invest but at this moment it’s not the right time. So if you thinking to invest your money in bitcoin then you need to wait untill the price will not move in the positive i mean increasing .
  14. It’s the nature of bitcoin. The price of bitcoin always up and down which is not stable. Don't worry the price of bitcoin will Again increase it’s just take some time.
  15. Yes, it’s possible to earn 30$ a day but it’s not possible in a day. It take few time. You can earn from trading but you need to learn about it and gather some experience which can be help you to earn 30$ a day.
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