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  1. This shows just how powerful bitcoin alone is on the market. It has a total market cap of almost 200 billion dollars which some countries don't even have that much money available
  2. I don't think banks have por technology. Think about the fact that they work with billions of dollars everyday and all of that has to work perfectly. The biggest disadvantage of banks is that sometimes it takes even a couple days to make a transfer
  3. The main difference between bitcoin and banks is that with bitcoin you are free. When you keep your money stored at banks, they are the ones who control your money not you
  4. Most of the people don't know yet what bitcoin is and how it's price and market is determined and that's why for them it's easier to just call it a bubble as a reason to not invest in it
  5. Hacking is one of the biggest problems of cryptocurrencies that is really giving a bad reputation to the world. But most of the hacking happens because people are not securing their wallets
  6. This would be great for the Indian population because right now the inflation rate in India is super high and that's why their economy is so bad. This would certainly help them
  7. Yeah, I knew about this and from what I remember it is called investbox. The interest is actually much higher than that, it's between 0.1% and 1% daily so this would bring you a good profit
  8. That's a good plan but 4 litecoin is not such a big amount of money. It's only worth around 300$ in total so that would be pretty low to spend in on all of these 3 things. I think it would be better to invest all of them
  9. Soon bitcoin will also be as fast as other coins. Because the lightning network has already been created and launched, but it is not accepted yet on all website and exchange platform.
  10. From what I know Switzerland is one of the most popular country when talking about cryptocurrencies development. They are the ones who are the most involved in this domain
  11. When we think about the difference between faucets and cryptotalk forum I don't think there is any comparison that can be made. Because cryptotalk is definitely much better
  12. You cannot boost your reputation. All you can do is create the best post you can do and try to help other people with your answers, this way maybe they will offer you good reputation
  13. Ethereum is never going to grow as bitcoin and that's because there can only be one kind in the market of cryptocurrencies. And that king is going to bitcoin of course
  14. I don't think that bitcoin is going to become a single world currency. Because right now there are hundreds of currencies in all the world and bitcoin can't replace all of them
  15. Thank you for creating and sharing such kind of videos because I personally find really interesting to watch this documentary videos about cryptocurrencies since there aren't a lot of them available
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