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  1. Waves, one of the blockchain that offers a unique concept that can be enjoyed by miners and investors. This Blockchain is indeed different from the others, apart from being competitors Ethereum and Bitcoin, waves also provide one-click token creation. Waves Leasing, is one way to get free waves coins without having to mine. This system was formed openly to protect the blockchain from being easily attacked by hackers. The Waves Platform supports coin leasing to help secure the blockchain. Anyone can produce wave coins of between 5 and 30 percent per year just by renting waves coins to miners. Easy enough right? We don't need to buy tens of millions of equipment to mine, just deposit it into the miner's wallet and wait for the profit.
  2. Bitcoin still faces some regulatory constraints in many countries around the world. However, its popularity does not seem to decrease because the number of Bitcoin ATMs around the world continues to increase. The total number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide has reached 5,588, according to the latest data taken from Coin ATM Radar. Although ordinary Bitcoin ATMs are associated with very high transaction fees, they are also one of the easiest conversion methods, without the need for exchange crypto or third-party service providers. This makes it easy for international tourists to turn their Bitcoin into fiat in foreign countries, where their exchange options or banking services are not available.
  3. The value of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin digital money hasn't changed much today. Bitcoin is traded at US $ 6,538 per or Rp. 98 million [US $ 1 = Rp. 15,000] per chip. Compared to the previous day, the value of Bitcoin has not changed much despite the slight weakening at 0.01%. The market size of this BTC-coded digital money up to (5/10/2018) is at US $ 113.7 billion.
  4. Bitcoin has surprisingly shocked the world in 2017 due to its 'skyrocketing' price. It offers an alternative world of assets for storage or investment. Proponents argue that digital currencies are easier, safer and offer better privacy than traditional currencies. Because they (cryptocurrency) have decentralized elements and use blockchain technology. Bitcoin Wallet is a program for sending and receiving Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Wallet does this by interacting with the Bitcoin ledger, also known as the blockchain. Bitcoin wallets are also available on smartphones (Android & IOS), desktops, laptops and physical wallets. The big benefit of using a wallet like this is that you can quickly run, store and trade Bitcoin on your own computer. However, if your computer is broken, you can lose your coins. This application supports the recovery process and allows you to make physical "cold storage" with keywords that you can print or record. Cold Storage is offline storage, such as storing keywords in your safe, cupboard, etc.
  5. Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables new payment systems and money that are fully digital. Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is fully controlled by its users without any central authority or intermediary. From the user's point of view, Bitcoin is like cash in the internet world. Bitcoin can also be seen as the three most prominent record keeping system in existence today. You should not expect to become rich with Bitcoin or other emerging technologies. It's important to be careful of anything that sounds too good to be true or violates basic economic principles. When a user loses his wallet, this impacts the loss of money from circulation. The lost bitcoins are still in the chain-block like other bitcoins. However, the lost bitcoin will remain inactive forever because there is no way anyone can find a private key that allows it to be used again. Because of the law of needs and supply, when bitcoin is circulating only a small amount, the remaining amount will be more needed and have a higher value as a result.
  6. It is true that not all crypto currencies have succeeded in rising and gaining success. This is why one must have a good understanding of cryptocurrency before investing. Although there are already more than 1,600 crypto currencies circulating on the market, Bitcoin remains the "King" with a dominance of up to 41%. Aside from being the biggest capitalization, the attraction of Bitcoin is also always maintained by the success stories of Bitcoin users who are constantly popping up from time to time. As a crypto currency that controls 41% of the market, Bitcoin also presents stories about the success of its users. In addition to the pole dancing business, he also runs a website that explains crypto investment to new-time investors. Given his considerable success, Heath knows the potential of Bitcoin. That is why it encourages people to understand the ideas behind Bitcoin before proceeding to the investment stage. A trader since 2012 who has a hobby of writing. Likes to discuss the thrill of economic competition between countries with an article. Trading activities use Price Action and fundamental rumors only. Because trading is indeed simple.
  7. But we also see that although the concept of interconnected computing devices has been proposed for years, it is not really known. There are no breakthroughs, due to various factors such as: failure to form a good profit model, lack of security and privacy protection, and poor interoperability. With blockchain development, blockchain has the opportunity to bring better development to devices. As a computing system related to the internet it must be one of the most natural areas of convergence with blockchain. For example, blockchain and IoT are distributed networks. Ultimately, if the Internet as a computational related system wants to mushroom, it must be able to move to the main stream, which requires a comprehensive fundamental solution.
  8. Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables new payment systems and money that are fully digital. Bitcoin is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is fully controlled by its users without any central authority or intermediary. From the user's point of view, Bitcoin is like cash in the internet world. Bitcoin can also be seen as the three most prominent record keeping system in existence today. Behind the scenes, the Bitcoin network shares a public record called a "block chain". This record contains all transactions that have been processed, allowing the user's computer to verify the validity of each transaction. The authenticity of each transaction is protected with a digital signature related to the sender's address, allowing all users to have full control over the delivery of bitcoin from their Bitcoin address. In addition, anyone can process transactions using special hardware computing and get prizes in the form of bitcoin for this service. This activity is often referred to as "mining". To learn more about Bitcoin, you can go to special pages and original papers. The Bitcoin network can already process more transactions every second than today. This condition, however, is not fully ready to handle the number of transactions as large as the credit card network. Development is underway to overcome existing limitations and everything needed for it in the future. Since it was created, every aspect of the Bitcoin network has continued to grow in terms of maturity, optimization and specialization and these conditions are expected to continue for the next few years. As traffic grows, more and more Bitcoin users are using light capacity clients and full network nodes can become increasingly specialized services. For more details, see the Scalability page on the Wiki.
  9. 2018 passed a good year for Bitcoin (BTC) because BTC prices declined throughout the year, starting from Rp220 million at the beginning of the year to the lowest price at Rp45 million last year. Overall, all cryptocurrency is still struggling for the moment. This is only the point of view of the writer and writer not finance. You need to do a more detailed check before investing in the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency market.
  10. Remove closed accounts & spam subscriber Account closed: This is an account that was closed by the user, or terminated by YouTube due to a policy violation. Spam subscriber: Subscriber obtained through artificial means, such as the purchase of a subscriber through a third party service. Learn more about how the number of subscribers can change.
  11. want to ask, actually if we buy a microsoft office license from a computer shop agent whose purpose is actually to buy a legal program instead of being pirated, is it a pph 23 object or not?
  12. If my opinion is that more and more new coin listings are good for the community and traders, but it seems to be prone to being a pump & dump field. but how do you want it or not, this is how the cryptocurency market is formed. yeah hopefully the market volume will grow more and more, so far I have been using Indodax only for mining the results of ama bounty and I'm very satisfied. In our discussion on September 6, we have listed 3 options regarding this problem and its effect on sending FIX SIM Cards. The majority of voters indicated that they would prefer not to send shipments of the current generation of SIM that must be given in September / October 2019, but they would be satisfied waiting for the delivery of the next generation SIM card. We thank you for your enthusiastic and helpful feedback. However, after much thought, we want to give a limited number of current SIM Cards to the initial user. This strategic decision is very important given the release of the FIX ID application, which includes the FIX SIM card as an optional component of the FIX Identity Management Policy. The use of this SIM together with this beta security application will provide invaluable feedback about this product, and users will also have direct access to global data roaming services. We have considered this decision carefully, and we encourage you to participate in testing the FIX ID application.
  13. Bitcoin, as the pioneer of the first crypto currency, became very famous after posting an all-time high of $ 20,000 at the end of 2017. After the bearishness that occurred throughout 2018, everyone expects BTC to recover. Unfortunately, Bitcoin doesn't recover and things get worse. At present, BTC is trading in the range of $ 3,000, and there is still a possibility that the price will continue to decline. "As we head to 2019, Bitcoin has traced that step and then dropped below the $ 6,000 area. This decline opens the next downside extension, which targets a larger decline towards the September 2017 Low at $ 2,975."
  14. Crypto currency, Bitcoin looks stagnant around Rp 56-58 million in the last 2 weeks. As of today (1/4/2019) Bitcoin stands at Rp.58.52 million. The reputation of the crypto currency has been hit by fears of price volatility as well as high profile hacking and infrastructure failure. Now Bitcoin looks consistent since the successive decline below IDR 92 million which began in November last year. Seeing this fluctuation may be a calm for some parties but not for Bitmain Technologies. The world's largest crypto currency mining computer design company, on Tuesday (3/26/2019) did not continue the Hong Kong IPO application. This makes Bitmain, the latest cryptocurrency company that overrides plans to go public. The Bitmain IPO application ends on Tuesday, exactly 6 months after it was submitted, according to the Hong Kong stock exchange's website.
  15. There are no fees to accept bitcoin, and most wallets have the possibility to control the amount of fees when using. Higher fees encourage faster confirmation of your transactions. Fees do not depend on the amount of transfer, so it is possible to send 100,000 bitcoins at the same cost as sending 1 bitcoin. In addition, seller processors exist to assist sellers in transaction processing, convert bitcoin into conventional fiat currencies, and deposit money directly into the seller's bank account every day. Because all of these services are based on Bitcoin, the costs required are far lower than the credit card network or PayPal. Bitcoin free users to transact with their own rules. Each user can send and receive payments in a manner similar to cash, but they can also take part in more complicated contracts. Multiple signatures allow transactions to be accepted by the network only if a number of people in a certain group agree to sign the transaction. This allows innovative dispute mediation services to be developed in the future. Such services can allow third parties to approve or reject transactions in cases of disputes between other parties without having control over their money. Unlike cash and other payment methods, Bitcoin always leaves public evidence that the transaction took place, which can potentially be used in evidence of tracing businesses with fraudulent practices. Fast price increases are not always a bubble phenomenon. Over-the-counter assessment that will lead to a drastic reduction in correction is a bubble phenomenon. Choices based on human behavior by hundreds of thousands of market participants are the cause of changes in bitcoin prices so the market is trying to find prices. Reasons for behavioral change may include loss of trust in Bitcoin, large differences between values and prices not based on the basis of the Bitcoin economy, increased press coverage that gives rise to speculative demand, fear of uncertainty, and excessive ancient enthusiasm and greed.
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