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  1. so after the "forks" of Bitcoin, original BTC is unusable? just asking because I'm getting lost in this matter. Thanks a lot!
  2. whatever happens, I hope the forum keeps alive after this event. I really appreciate what I have been learning and not going to leave it.
  3. It is a great idea, so we can earn and help others in this comple world of crypto. For me, it is a relief to find out that there are lots of things I didn't know, and lot of good advices to work so.... thanks for this!
  4. I wish I had time for 30 post daily, I really wish. Not to be on the top 10 but it's nice to be rewarded anyway by learning, sharing knowledge and making this an active place where to meet others and read their experiences.
  5. Thanks for telling. Really interesting and good to know. Hope Bitcoin price increases again, but at this point, it's nice to know where has it been and how we can predict next movement.
  6. I wasn't aware of this. Really was using this as a piggy bank or alike, so when time to withdraw can be fair or lower, but your advices to convert to another coins, via trading, sounds like good idea I want to try.
  7. I juyst tried to find it in the microsoft shop and doesn't appear. Maybe it's off or I'm looking in the wrong place... anyway, I don't lose much for trying. But by now, I'm happy with my laptop miner. Thanks all for the advices and collab on this one.
  8. I still don't trust faucets... still waiting any of them to pay or reach minimun payment.... I won't be into if they can't pay a decent amount or in a reasonable withdrawal.
  9. Udazken

    mobile mining

    I see, thanks for the info. I will try first Electroneum, and then Pi. Just looking for some app to mine while have my tablet and phone idle. Thanks again. Really useful
  10. also having free coins everyday helps a bit. But yes, you are right I should try the Yovi token. What is your experience with it? just curious and would be nice to have reference of how resulted with others, like you, Thanks for telling!
  11. Apart of Yobit, I usually use as wallet coinbase. I have had no problem with them 2 by now. I wonder when paypal implement these kind of wallets too.
  12. sure it's because people have an automatic translator add-on or app installed. I have english blocked of being translated so all I can see in english, remains in english. There's no spanish section, and spanish wold contribute to the forum more actively if there were this chance.
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