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  1. so many multiple post on same topic already have in this forum so we will if before posting search our questions so our post will get prevent from delete because if already posted our query here so we will not post as multiple it.
  2. this is not problem in cryptoalk because many time cryptotalk campaign has insufficient fund to give us earning so just wait 24 hrs .cryptotalk in this hrs are topup their wallet.
  3. yes if you earn some extra income while doing no any hard work just spending some time online so ist best for us.and also student can get some ideas about future currency and also some extra income from it.
  4. yes some wallet and exchanger already hacked new on Google search so better to prevent our fund by storing our coin in best wallet than newly launched any wallet which offer some intrest to attract people.
  5. I'm buying bitcoin nad diversify it to 5-10 crypto to minimize trading buying bitcoin,liye coin,ethereal,dash,doge,ripple etc.
  6. yes totally risky to trade on the basis of crypto news only.because many times fake pump and fakes rumors are get virul through news so don't be get judgement on basis on news only.
  7. i buddy I'm also from india while our country banned crypto until we are using it because we are not doing any illegal thing here and also we are doing some extra work to earn money so don't leave crypto.
  8. we are using social media for fun and also for social connect with friends and others.but in social network qe can't erannmoney just tume pass most of time.but in cryptotalk we can earn some money while get some news about crypto.
  9. yobit investbox is option offers by your exchanger in it user can able to store their coin like bank and on it some intrest is given by yobit.
  10. so much wallet in market but but for every coin i don't what to choose different wallet .so I'm using block chain and coinbase both are offering so much coin and best in security.
  11. yes I'm worried about fake projects because so much people investing in many new projects nad after than some days after that projects turn into scam so much people are lossing their money in it.
  12. I'm holding cryptocurrency because I think in future they will give us good return than any other bank and investment i am holding some cryptocurrency.
  13. yes I am using gambling site from last 6 years and I really want to say don't it go for any gaming site because you will most of time get your fund in loss.
  14. I think trading is a good for me then mining because lots of hashing power mining hardware it also cost to buy it and also for it maintenance and mining is not profitable also now a days trading is good than mining.
  15. you can try some she's from below to buy bitcoin through PayPal 1.paxful. com 2.localbitcoin. com
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