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  1. I will not lend my cryptocurrency because I do not want my crypto to be used incorrectly for negative things. Even if I want to share, maybe I only share with friends or relatives who have been trusted.
  2. If you want to know the details of your Bitcoin balance in realtime, you can use Yobit. On YouTube you can find out how many of your posts are on cryptotalk and how many of your bitcoin balances have been exchanged or not.
  3. Thank God in 2020 the price of crypto especially bitcoin is relatively rising. There was even at the price of 10,200 USD per BTC. Hopefully in the future the price of bitcoin will rise even higher, even if it doesn't go down too much.
  4. For beginners on cryptotalk, the first thing you have to do is make 100 posts. For each post there must be a minimum of 100 characters and must match the theme. Try your posts can provide benefits for others and not the copy and paste results from others.
  5. In my opinion, in December 2019 the price of bitcoin fell to 8000 USD. Then in 2020 the price of bitcoin began to relatively rise, its peak in February 2020 the price of bitcoin reached 10200 USD. My prediction for March 2020 between 8500-10000 USD is no more.
  6. The main benefit of cryptotalk is that we can make money for free. The point is we can get Bitcoin coins just by making topics and comments, then the bitcoin can be exchanged for real money. We don't need capital to start and run it.
  7. Is it true that the profile you post is Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of the Bitcoin crypto coin? Until now Satoshi's profile is still dark or no one knows for sure, they only know in general. Even Satoshi is alive or dead, no one knows.
  8. Everyone needs to create a topic because they want to get Bitcoin coins from cryptotalk and the coins can later be exchanged for real money. For cryptotalk itself, the more websites that make it, the more visitors visit it, the more income it can get.
  9. If you have completed the first 100 posts, then you must make a topic or comment. For each day you have to make a maximum of 30 posts. Your post must be in accordance with the theme and the minimum posting consists of 100 characters.
  10. As a beginner, if you have completed the first 100 posts, then you must make a topic or comment. For each day you have to make a maximum of 30 posts. If more than 30 posts for the rest will not count.
  11. This morning I also encountered an error like you experienced Error 1020. Maybe it's because cryptotalk is in maintenance or repairing the system. But after I examined it, the most likely possibility is that cryptotalk is verifying the IP that violates crypto like multi-account.
  12. If you experience errors in this forum, try to understand what your mistakes are and try not to repeat them. The most mistake in this forum is that many of the posts are original and not in accordance with the theme so that the posts are deleted.
  13. From the first time I joined crypto at the end of December 2019, until now I have never been active and only active in cryptotalk forums. Maybe there is another forum but I don't know it yet.
  14. To tell beginners it must be extra patient and slow. Because for beginners the important thing is they can just post it already happy without thinking about the quality of its posts. Therefore, we must set an example for them by blindly posting useful to others.
  15. As the development of its special cryptocurrency bitcoin throughout the world, made several countries that have legalized bitcoin. Now Australia has received bitcoin in the country with its first real estate project.
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