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  1. amarach

    Do Good have Good

    Crypto is a friendly community everyone here is dependent on each other. On this platform, we all are like a good big family. Try to help each other. Also sharing likes on others post can also boost our reputation too. So do good and have good.
  2. For you to be a good contributor in this forum, you have to follow the rules and guidelines, you shouldn't violate any rules here to be a good contributor. You should deliver good and useful topics here. You should help other new members and guide them about this forum. So we should cooperate with each other.
  3. Dear mate I read your post and this is fine. I was installed this application but after some days I deleted that app. I know the value of that app but reason of deleting is to install yobit in my android. Both are the source of income but I prefer to yobit and without any exaggeration now I am fully satisfied with this forum. No need to use any other.
  4. Good topic you choose. The best way to search is whether your wallet is legit or not is to search full on google from that wallet. If you want to use any wallet like yoBit then you have complete knowledge about this wallet then you will know about their value and either it is legit or not.
  5. Yes scammers and spammers are being removed from the forum. Supervisors are making a great effort to preserve the reputation of the forum by scanning unimportant sites. If you see a text or message that tell you to pay with Bitcoins, that's a scam. So forum need to clean from scammers.
  6. Very well dear. From these tips, we have to avoid bitcoins scams. And in addition to some points that we have to avoid fake people exchange in bitcoin. We have to avoid fake crypto currencies. If something seems too good to be it probably is. Never give anyone access to your security.
  7. Yes you are right. There is much risk in investing cryptocurrency. There is also a risk of decreasing of price in trading. To avoid that you should first study the market and graphics. If you go for some trade or investing then you must train well and know feasible and effective strategies. Hope for well.
  8. Yes dear its true if you get warning points then you should have to post some useful posts. You need to work hard and do some discussions with your seniors. You have some knowledge about this field and you don't need to be hesitate to ask for something. When more we ask then more we learn. And don't break forums rules.
  9. There are various software for calculating currency. The price can change very quickly and it is difficult to find one for all exchanges. You can install any app that could help you. So there are many ways to calculate price of one currency against another currency.
  10. I always use real responses always and I respond according to my experience on the subject without feelings interfering in it We help others because helping others is good virtue.
  11. Everyone started at the bottom even the pioneers and experts in the forum, they were all once like you. We have to start to reach the end. Money or fame can vanish anytime but knowledge will never leave us. We can be the best by gaining knowledge.
  12. First you have to read the rules in the “About Forum” section. The beginners should publish useful and beneficial posts as we are not interested in making money here. You should not copy others, try that that topic is not already published within the forum.You just work hard.
  13. Every system has own importance but its people choice that what they want to use more. But I like to use android most. Its handling is so simple and easy to use. No complicate applications found on android. And I think its world wide to use. So I prefer android to use.
  14. Its very informative dear for me and it increases my knowledge and many many thanks you sharing us with this project source. Waiting for more another new information.
  15. Wow your aquarium looking so beautiful. No doubt bitcoin is used for services in highly developed countries. So bitcoin need to take step forwards to economy.
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