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  1. Yes, my friend, you are right. We can here in this forum to acquire cryptocurrencies and at the same time we can gain a lot, a lot of experience that will teach us how to deal with this platform and teach us about what work in this forum is
  2. I congratulate you, my friend, for joining this forum and completing the first hundred posts. Now, you only have to wait for the next day if you have participated with more than 50 posts, in addition to that you can start with the paid posts that will be paid to you after 7 days
  3. This particular section is the only one from which we can start and go towards the crypto world and deal with cryptocurrencies because it is the one that provides us with sufficient experience and knowledge to continue global investment in cryptocurrencies.
  4. Certainly, my friend, we always have to see new topics that develop ourselves and make us people self-esteem and build our experience in the field of cryptocurrencies as the knowledge we gain from users in the crypto world is the basis for building the knowledge structure in the field of our cryptocurrencies.
  5. Certainly, students are the first beneficiaries of this forum, as it is a source for earning money to complete the study and provide the academic supplies necessary to complete the work. I am here as a university student who came in order to obtain encrypted money and benefit from it in order to provide school supplies
  6. I think that the topics that can be useful should be in a simple language that everyone understands, so we have to select vocabulary that has a quick understanding, and sometimes the reader does not have the amount of knowledge that makes it easier for him to understand, so he also has to learn more and increase his knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies.
  7. Thank you, my friend, for these tips that encourage users to continue and not to give up and to work hard and patient in order to build themselves and build their own experience in order to increase investment in this forum
  8. As a beginner, in the beginning, I advise you to work in the beginners section, as the experience you will gain is the most important in order to move forward in the world of cryptocurrencies in addition to the extensive knowledge that you will gain as a result of your work and your knowledge of this section
  9. Hello my friend. At the outset, I would like to tell you that gathering knowledge is the most important thing in order to work efficiently and in order to gain a lot of cryptocurrencies. After this, you have to gain experience from the forum’s publications and make the most of that ..
  10. Knowledge is the secret of success in everything, especially in this forum , as we have to work hard in order to gain knowledge and in order to achieve an optimal investment for cryptocurrencies as knowledge provides us with an amount of experience that elevates our thinking as people and this leads to making good content from publications
  11. Exactly, my friend, we have to work hard, because the more we have worked and hardened, the more profit is, it depends on you as a person and the amount of your determination and determination.
  12. My friend, we always have to be careful about commenting twice on the same post because they may expose us to deletion at times, and sometimes they may expose us to a ban if someone reports to us.
  13. Certainly, my friend, we have to follow each other in order to gain cryptocurrencies and in order to encourage everyone to continue and follow up by publishing topics of interest and in order to motivate members, especially the new ones among them, to continue and not stop at the beginning of the journey
  14. You are right, my friend, most of us come to this forum to ensure an optimal investment for cryptocurrencies and gain money, but he completely forgets that gathering information is one of the most important things for work and to avoid deleting publications. So we have to learn more about these topics and sometimes we have to invest them optimally about By gaining experience from members who have experience with cryptocurrencies
  15. Knowledge is the basis for our presence in this forum to ensure an optimal investment for cryptocurrencies and gain money, in addition to that this section can discuss topics of high value in terms of the interest of the masses for them and it is better to gain experience in this field about cryptocurrencies and understand them correctly.
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