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  1. Welcome dear friend congratulation to join the forum you are lucky to join this forum it is very useful platform where you can learn everything about cryptocurrency. In this forum you have a chance to learn and improve your writing skill in this way you can earn and get repetition.
  2. Yes my dear friend I am totally agree with you that if we want to earn we must be learnt. Without learning it is not possible for any one to get good earning. We are lucky that we have joined this form it is a source of learning we can done everything from this forum about cryptocurrencies.
  3. My dear friend obviously not because all these advertisements from the PTC sites are scammers they fool the people. They only want to get the money of the people by hook or by crook. They are not sincere with the people. They always show the people high profit in a very short period in this way the trap the people. The people who are greedy trapped by these people.
  4. Yes my dear I am agree with you to some extent there are different fears in our life which force us to do something for life. Fear of poverty, fear of jobless, fear of loss in business. These are the fears that everybody wants to get rid with them. This fear inspires him to get rid of them.
  5. My dear friend it is very useful to use beginner section for the beginners. Because in this section they can learn everything about cryptocurrencies. There are topics on which senior member has given their views we should read these comments carefully so that we can learn everything about cryptocurrencies and this forum.
  6. I think it is not possible to fix the price of bitcoin because its prices always fluctuate that is why some people get more money you know very well about it and some people are in loss that was they do not know when they should buy by and when they should sell it.
  7. My dear friend obviously yes digital currency or cryptocurrency will be the next future of the world. That is why they will help us in our future life. At this time we should spend our time to learn about cryptocurrencies. I think this forum is very useful for understanding the cryptocurrencies.
  8. I am not in a position to recommend you any cryptocurrency. Because I am also a new member of this forum. I also want to know about the different currencies which are very popular and people are investing in them.
  9. Yes my dear these are different stages newcomer has to stay in these stages for sometime to do work. When he learns something about the forum he moves to the next stage. In this way learns and moves to the next stage.
  10. Yes I am angry with you you have a good question every member in the forum should right accurately and according to the topic in this way we will be able to get good reputation it will help us ine herning and learning about cryptocurrencies this forum is very useful for the beginners to learn about cryptocurrency and all its aspects thanks
  11. I think the reason is that they do not follow the rules and regulation of this forum. If you want to save not get banned then you should follow the rules. Always follow the rules you may not be banned. Before getting banned forum worn you many times on your mistakes. So be careful while working in this forum.
  12. Dear friend I am agree with you patience is very necessary in every field of life. The people who do not show patience while doing their work cannot succeed. If we want to success in life we should be patience in every matter of life.
  13. Thanks dear for sharing this good idea for the members. No doubt imagination comes first in our minds then we try to understand the thing we have thought about it when we understand the thing this becomes a knowledge. Knowledge helps us to overcome our problems that the thing we call it success
  14. Yes my dear this is a good question and the seniors must answer this question so that the junior get inspiration from them and they work hard how to get success in life. If there are members who have earned a lot from this forum they should share their achievements for the juniors.
  15. Dear friend I think it is a very good platform. We should continue our working in this forum because it is very informative platform we can get everything from here. This forum not only gives us everything about cryptocurrencies but also help us in earning.
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