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  1. You can invest in yobit investbox. It is a wonderful place for earning good profit. All the information is mentioned in yobit platform. You can also trade your coins in yobit without any doubt. It is totally a trusted platform. Thank you.
  2. Well my friend i am also using Chrome browser for cryptotalk. It is the best browser for this forum. No lagging no connection issues in this browser. Firefox is also a good browser for it but i prefer Chrome. Thank you.
  3. My friend hackers can steal your coins from you. Sometimes they sends you a link if you click on that link they will get access to your wallet and then they steal your coins. So always be careful about it never share your personal information with others. Thank you
  4. Thanks for telling my friend. We can also check our UID from yobit platform. In cryptotalk campaign there is a box in which our UID is mentioned. So if anyone want to know then also check from there. Thank you.
  5. There is no any problem in commenting on ban members post. If your post is relevant and following the rules of this forum then it will be counted. So always try to share good and informative content. Thank you
  6. My friend lots of members face this problem once in yobit. According to my experience itbis just a technical issue if yobit platform. After some time this problem will be solved and then you will be able to send your balance. Good luck
  7. When I was beginner here i don't know anything about this forum. I face many problems in creating posts. Then after some time with the help of seniors members i learned many things about crypto and trading. Now i don't face any problem in this forum. Thank you
  8. My friend many members face this type of problem in yobit. Itbis just a technical issue that will be solved soon. You don't need to worry about it. Just do your work nicely and follow the rules strictly. Thank you
  9. The most useful feature of cryptocurrency is that we can earn money from our home. As we know lockdown exist in the world due to pandemic days. People earn money from their home by investing in crypto. Thanks
  10. Yes exactly my friend if we want good reputation in this forum tgen we should need to share good and informative posts here. Always try to help others specially beginners because they want to know many things about crypto and this forum. Thank you
  11. Yes exactly my friend i am totally agree with you anything in the world can be achieved by hard work. We just need to believe in ourselves and never give up. Try to learn from our mistakes and learn from everywhere. Thank you
  12. Scammers mostly trap beginners they give many fake offers of becoming rich. I always advice beginners to never share your personal information with others and never click on any link that shared by unknown person. Always be careful about investing and stay alert. Thank you
  13. My friend not only Phillipines there are many other countries in the world where crypto is not popular because the government of those countries ban crypto currency. They don't know the value of crypto currency. That's why they have slow economic growth.
  14. Nice information my friend. We all know that are lot of scammers in the world of crypto. So we should always stay alert and be aware from scammers. Never share our personal information with others. And don't invest in scam sites. Thank you
  15. Thank you so much my dear friend for sharing information about USDT. I also want to know about this coin. I also heard that its price is equal to the price of USD. Many people use this coin for exchanging. Thank you
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