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  1. Hello dear friend, thank you for sharing this information with us.i work here in crypto and I think it's a good platform to earn and learn. I don't know anything about these sites and I want to take advantages of them and make some money so please can you tell us more about them or give us links and thank you again we really appreciate it. Wish you a very good luck.
  2. Hello dear friend, i agree with you my opinion I think Patience is a skill you learn by practicing it daily. If you are patient in life you can get whatever you want because everything needs time and patience like working here, I am a new member and I should be Patient to finish my first 100 post then I will start get some earnings so its all about being patient. Finally I wish good luck for everyone.
  3. Wow, I don't really know about the ability of making groups here. It's very amazing and helpful dea to make groups because we can share more information, ask about anything and help others if they need and we can make a beautiful friendship here. Absoultely an amazing idea and I encourage it. In other hand i read in some comments some members say that we can get a notification also and that so amazing too.
  4. Hello dear friend, good question to ask. Yes, our mood affect our work. I think when we have bad mood we shouldn't t let it affect our work, study, life or anything more than two hours. We should go over it quickly and back to whatever we do because life goals on. About me when I have I had mood I work out for one hour then I continue my working and I don't let my emotions disturb my work.
  5. Well said dear friend. I agree with you so much. Absoultely there is alot of diffrence between good learner vs good student because I think good learner loves learning, information, develop himself daily to be more efficient whereas a good student think that he just have a duty to study his books and pass his exams but one day the good student will know that life is more than some information in books.
  6. Literally I agree with you so much. Me as a new member and a student I find a cryptotalk as a source for money, enjoyment, work, and learning new skills and new things. Honestly now I don't spend my free time on Facebook, Instagram or any other apps instead of them I spend time here wisely because here I can have entertainment, information and good income so that's it. it's a really source of of success.
  7. I agree with you alot. I know it takes alot of efforts putting several languages to this helpful platform but I know also that it has some many benefits. By adding different languages we make the platform more popularity and make opportunities to many people who don't speak English to start their journey here and knowing more about cryptocurrencies however I wish in the future this platform has alot of languages.
  8. Hello dear friend and welcome to this amazing platform. I suggest to start writing at beginner section, about forum section, crypto world section because I think these sections are including the best and easiest sections to write in and step by step you understand more and more and also you can start investments. Finally I wish you good luck on your journey here.
  9. Hello dear friend it's a useful and helpful information to share with us.i agree with you in all these points that you are mentioned in you are talking especially about fake coins because it's very common and alot of people fall in this trap even if they are seniors so we should all try to be sure before buying any coins. Finally I think the key that protect us from all these traps is reading more and more information and trying to understand deeper and deeper.
  10. Hi dear friend. Honestly I join this platform because one of my friends tell me that I can earn some money here so I give it a shot but then when I start understanding more about this field I really get inspired so if you ask me now about my goal I will tell you that it's to explore, know more and soon invest in this good platform and I will try my best to have deep understanding of this field . Finally I wish good luck for every one.
  11. Hello dear friend, of course cryptotalk is giving us a great opportunity to get money especially in this bad situation which pandamic affects so many people life but by this platform we an work from home, learn a new information and get a very good income. It's really like a new whole world to explore and really make me so excited to know more and more and make a business here so thank you so much.
  12. Hello dear friend, I am glad for you about your good achievement so congratulations. So now start write your 20 daily post and always write a useful and helpful posts then after a week you will get paid for your hard work so keep going and I wish you a good luck.
  13. Hello friend, absolutely I recommend cryptotalk to my friends and family because it's a useful and helpful platform to spend your time on it instead of spending your time on other websites. Here you can have alot of new information and get paid also do I think this is a great opportunity and we should take advantage of it so thats what I say to them always to encourage them to this platform.
  14. Hello friend, beautiful question to ask. About me I am a new member and I am curios alot about alot of topics here but unfortunately I'm preparing for my exams so I have a liitle free time to spend here about one hour to two hours maximum daily but these exams will be end soon then I will spend more time here exploring about alot of interesting topics.
  15. Hello dear friend, important question to ask because many of us sometimes face the same problem but don't worry your money on crypto is safe so keep working and wait for it. By the end everything will be OK. Good luck.
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