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  1. I know that about trading, trading means exchange of things. In other words buying things when price is low and sell when price is increase And earn profit more and more itis a best way for earning profit.
  2. Trading is a business every rich man earn money through trding they invest mony and then earn profit. Trading is a good business for everyone person. You can invest minimum amount with 100 us. This amount less but if you can be expert in trading you can make profit from it.
  3. It is currect we can not get reputation for all our post. Many people give negative reputation on post they do not give attensation on post. We must pay all the attention on post and give positive reputation.
  4. Ilike this site because they give both opportunity for earningand learning.Crypto talk is very helpful for our and it is more perfect for students. I have spend part time for this site, it is helpful platform for earning and learning. Our English language skills is better through this site. And we write fastly and do work fastly.
  5. According to my you are on the right forum .If you can work hard then you earn money through this site. Crypto talk is a good platform because it has no specific work time you can do work any time at a home and earn profit. I think crypto talk is very best for you.
  6. Hi guys, I agree with you my friends respect and support is very important with us , in this platform we help each other we should read the topic and thengive positive reputation. Onthis way we help each other in the form of reputation. Because reputation is very important for post.
  7. Yes reputation is very necessary, if you make a good post inwhich use good content and this post easily understand every one. Then people like this post and give more and more reputations. Earning reputation is really good thing so keep going for it, if you post well, people will also give you reputation.
  8. Yes, it's very important to reading a guidelines of crypto talk forumbecause by reading you will get basic ideas of posting comments and also you can get all information about crypto talk. And then you make a post according to rouls of crypto talk.
  9. It is really a good topic my friends, when you made a simple mistake it will increase and and your writing contain more mistakes, we need to make some topics or post which use very unique in other topics so that we can avoid having duplicat topic here.
  10. My dear friends! Actually i don't know exactly about cryptocurrencies learning is nice so, I can visit the forum sections and see many important topics about degital currencies you will see some information that will definitely benifite you.
  11. Hello members, Our all face similarly problems there is a topic already open to this problem, I don't know my bitcoins is not transferring balance but it will surely get solved after some time.
  12. Welcome my dear friends! I hope you will be fine, it's really currect imagination is more important than knowledge because if you don't make imigination we can never get knowledge about any thing. You must imigen it when you have dreams. If you want to achieve your goals, then don't stop your imignation.
  13. Mydear friends! I know crypto talk is a good platform for earning. And we work easily on this website. Through this site we earn more andmore profit. We make 100 posts first then we can make 20 posts in daily basis in one week and we earn money.
  14. Dear members, There are many many things are needed for trading like as they are given below 1 You know about cryptocurrencies 2 You thinking skills good 3 You creating a good idea 4 All information knowledge about this forum.
  15. My dear friends! I have paid focus on this topic. I think it is due to the large number of inactive accountson the forum. Some people decreases useful post because members think that by replying to older post your comments will not be deleted so mostlymembers reply the older topics.
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