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  1. We know the topic is given in a post below for what the creator asks about.But many of our members did not see that post and made their post.Every member should always read the topic before posting. It's increase your knowledge and also help in your Content writing. If you don't understand it, you should read already posted.I would like to say them there is no means to posts wrong content without understanding.
  2. I want to suggest you Go ahead to you success , your reputation and also your ranks slowly and effectively. Don't hurry up to get reputation especially.Furthermore, it should be noted that in order to gain rank and reputation you need to have more posts and more useful posts. You would generally get more reputation through creating a topic,means we need some quality posts and comments for more reputation on here.
  3. I only write the strategy and nominal I use as my money management data, nothing else. First time is difficult but can pass away without angry is important, we can have fresh mindset about the real trading.This world will also test your patience to the point that you are thinking of quitting. But thank God I did not. All these hardships I believe are nothing when we achieve our goals.
  4. So try to use this man it is totally safe. so my dear friend according to my point of view you should not search anymore you should go there and trade and invest there.But we have to choose safe and trustable wallet for out crypto-currency.. I Will refer you to use yobit and coinbase wallet.. This two wallets are the best wallet in my opinion.I recommend it one hundred percent, it is very complete in every way.
  5. I am constantly learning about the forum.There is a lot to learn and understand in this forum.I have been working in the forum for about 1 week,we must take advantage of our presence in this forum and learn from it, learn everything from old members,you are through this forum learning and gaining at the same time,so do not skip on new information that you know.Which is very much helpful for cryptocurrency trading and investment.
  6. Absolutely, we should support each other and support in a very beautiful way. Because there is a new forum about which people not coming to us do not have much information We need each other to help each other out,You can't understand a lot when you come to this forum in a new state, you'll definitely see other posts, read, and understand a lot.
  7. The global job market has even created positions for bilingual people. Language is our primary source of communication, therefore knowing English is very important in modern world.This forum helps us a lot in practicing English. Everything is done in English. As a result, we can practice English as well as learn a lot.
  8. I know one of my friends.He bought a bike with crypto. He buys more with crypto.Though he isn’t so much rich, he can able to complete his happiness.In spite of the fact that he isn't so much rich, he can ready to finish his bliss.This requires a lot of knowledge and experience.
  9. Banned account is one of the major problem in this forum. Mostly newbie face this problem.And third one is the spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes or sentences mistakes such things makes your account risky.They are trying to find short and easy ways, but they do not know the extent of the management and supervisors' activities in this forum.
  10. I am learning many things , even if i have been investing in stocks for many years, and now about 2 years on crypto, i want cryptotalk to get always better and be one of the best sources of cryptocurrency information out there.If this forum grow up automatically we will get better solution for make money and crypto knowledge.Youcan give some time and complete your task and in a month you can earn a big money.
  11. Hope so all of you enjoy a great time in crypto forum. I have a question is there any possibility to take a break from this forum?Its a rest or easy forum where you make posts about the trending topic and have discussion about that.If you do not make your daily publications you will not have daily earnings therefore it will affect you if you stop publishing daily.
  12. I think the best purpose of the money you earn here is to experiment with trading. Basically you get the money for free, so you don't risk anything.Veryless people were into crypto currency back then. Many will give up through losses of BTC ,investing in scam websites ,lack of knowledge in tradings,we can make a huge profits with trading.
  13. I made the investment by earning it. I work here by investing in Telegram. Many people are working here and making a living. The bank should seek the help of crypto to convert it into money.Apart from other wise skills, we cannot succeed on any platform whether it is cryptotalk or whatever platform in the world.My dream is to achieve high in this forum and I am spending much time into his forum to learn about this. This is only way to achieve something.
  14. It was already stated in there what to do and what not to do, it's only up to your comprehension though. Again, those are the general rules and it is applicable for everyone,The major than is not to copy the posts. And if you connection is weak, you should not do posts as this will duplicate your post. I think is very simple as a bigginer in this platform the first thing should is not to start posting I did the same mistake.
  15. I am telling you this from my personal experience . It is very useful platform for getting knowledge I learn and improve english learning skills and improve my grammar.Their types and how to profit from them, and this depends on creating feasible posts in CryptoTalk to gain knowledge and to make the payment in Yobit successfully.And it also helps to improve English and typing skills.
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