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  1. Welcome, my friend, in this forum No, there is no limit to following up with members here, but you should follow the good members and the elderly so that you can benefit from their experience and knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies in order to always provide useful and valuable content that gets a good reputation and positive comments good luck to you
  2. I completely agree with you technology having great Impact on our lives and every thing is changing with time it will be a future that people pays from their mobile for their daily shopping
  3. Such statistic would be interesting to follow. For now we may just see the number of the forum's users, but paid bitcoin's and other interesting things would be nice to see.
  4. Very good advice my dear friend. Maybe the comment just focus on more than 100 characters but the meaning is none. Give our own idea is needed. Don't only think that we are here just for Satoshi, but we have to more contribute in this forum to have the more skills
  5. very cool feature to add funds in yobit through are perfect money dollar payeer. withdrawals are very quick from fait currency. yobit is itself exchange like other exchanges yobit has its own wallets . you can deposits and withdrawals from famous crypto coins and tokens
  6. I think every device was a useful in crypto talk posting is very easy in every kind of phones computer laptop etc but when you withdraw your money i think you face some problem so its depends on your ability. I think you appreciate my advice.
  7. I do not buying cryptos but i am going to buy i think i will buy ETH, i just have a light feeling about this crypto, but justlike i said i do not buy crypto, i am more familiar in getting cryptos from faucets or apps and games,and ptcsites..doing tasks..and do investing before indoubler sites, but i like ETH now..maybe it will be profitable if i buy ETH.
  8. Well we all know that the situation of world is not stable we all should take step so that we can save lives but i have not yet contribute in this because my savings is not enough to do that but i am doing this by my cash money around my area
  9. Yes, it is considered participation, but it must be a useful survey and it contains useful participation and 100 characters as a minimum. Your post will definitely count. We must always abide by the laws of the forum.
  10. From the hundreds of people I've talked about crypto only one person was involved in trading and mining. The rest were totally clueless and didn't even care. A few though, usually the most intelligent, wanted to know more and I've helped them understand the fundamentals and create a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet. Still they haven't figured much out but in case of a possible mass adoption they will be more than ready from the rest.
  11. Maybe he will stay enough time to make a difference, if he dispensers I think he will be replaced by another new coin why not??? If bitcoin not dispensers he will be the most greatest thing online
  12. Have a good day, my friend. I strongly agree with you that the first factor for development is adherence to rules and not violating them. We are also here to learn about cryptocurrencies and I wish the best for everyone.
  13. Yeah of course. We can see how many spammers are stucked and how many people are helping this forum to go on with this report
  14. Right brother these all points are very important if we miss one of those than maybe we get banned by crypotalk so do go against by the rules follow these steps if you want to successfull.
  15. I think it is because they violate the rules within the forum or they are not available for those countries or maybe they are cheating with accounts. all you have to do is respect the rules in the forum a forum a forum where we not only come to earn $ money but also we came to learn about cryptocurrencies.
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