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  1. Dear friend, I have not heard of this site before, be careful. It could be fraudulent and fake Look for its source and confirm it first of all because there are many sites offering withdrawals I do not recommend that site
  2. My dear friend, there are many countries, including my country, you have not heard of cryptocurrencies yet, but we who work in this field publish them to the largest possible numbers to get to know them and thus it will become more common
  3. Hello dear friend. Working on this forum is the best way to learn about cryptocurrencies On this forum we learn a lot about coded talk, gain experience and a way to make money Do well on this forum, you will get everything you want
  4. My dear friend, the deletion is related to the last issue. If the owner of the post is not able to give interest and meaning, this post will not remain, and they will remove the original post and our comments with us, so do not comment on an unhelpful post. good luck
  5. My dear friend, I agree with you, and this is more common, especially for beginners. We should pay more attention to this topic, because a single mistake that changes the meaning altogether could lead to a distraction of some members I hope everyone is careful about that Good luck everyone
  6. My dear friend, you will definitely be paid, regardless of the age of the topic. If you are posting according to the forum’s rules and have not departed from it, you will definitely be paid, but follow the rules and work with them in order to make more profits
  7. Hello dear friend, I am a new member on this platform and I did not try it later. Can you help me? I will be very thankful to you Good luck everyone
  8. My friend, when you complete the hundred posts, you will get ten codes from the cipher talk and you will be able to register yourself after that you will be twenty daily posts that will be paid to you and from here you will get your profits I hope you benefited from my information Post any likes if you like good luck
  9. My opinion in the new currency is that we will face some problems because it is new and may not stabilize and bear fruit. Perhaps it will decrease and also rise, but coins are more stable and more traded in the market. I hope you benefited from my comment and liked me and good luck
  10. My dear friend, the terms of the forum do not allow you to make more than fifty posts. On the first day I make fifty posts, and for the second day I complete them to one hundred and make fifty posts also so that you do not feel bored and write well and useful
  11. No, my friend, my advice is to use one account, because the forum rules do not allow more than one account. You will be banned from multiple accounts. One suffices for my opinion
  12. No, my dear friend, I do not think that it is this thing that deletes your posts because Google helps you to get the correct translation and not be misspelled. My advice is to be good in the foreign language In order not to make mistakes and not to resort to Google But m is something useful and meaningful
  13. My dear friend, I congratulate you for this great achievement You are a role model and motivator for beginners who doubt their ability to achieve as you have achieved Because this forum needs a lot of contributors like you wish you continuous success
  14. Dear friend, I have not done this before because I am a beginner But you can buy this currency at a very low price and when its price increases, you will sell it and make a lot of profits good luck
  15. Hello dear friend, I agree with you on that that fear is the enemy of mankind and has led to many people's virtues, but we must benefit from it thanks to the one that you share and be useful and valuable
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