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  1. In my opinion it’s really a very amazing and useful step for Tunisia, It will help them to deal with electronic currencies easily without any fear and i think it effects on their economy positively.
  2. Analysis is a very important thing for us because by analysing we can get vast knowledge which helps us to continue our work properly. So to be a successful man we must have to analysis.
  3. You are absolutely right and thanks for your nice topic my friend. First attempt is not good enough and there has chance to fail in first attempt and many people are getting frustrated by it. But we should be patient and continue our hard work. Then we can be succeed.
  4. You can't get payment in yobit for your first 100 posts. You have to complete your first 100 posts free. Then you have to create 20 useful posts per day and after seven days you can get payment for it in Yobit.
  5. Yes you are right friend. We have to be more careful to replace our posts in any section because there has some rules in every section. And if we replace a post in any wrong section discussion then our Posts will be deleted and also account may be deleted so we must be careful.
  6. My main goal in the world of cryptocurrency is to acquire knowledge more and more and be more experienced because if i have proper knowledge and experience then i can enlarge my activities in this cryptoworld and work properly. And by these i can be succeed.
  7. You are right friend. Bitcoin is a more popular and reliable site but it’s also true that it’s a high rated coin and if you want to invest in bitcoins then you need huge amount of money. But if you choose litecoins or ripple then you can invest here with any amount you can. So for a beginner I prefer litecoin to buy first.
  8. Yes I agree with you my dear friend. In my point of view yobit is one of the best exchange site where we can easily trade. It has essential features and it's security system is very strong security so we can store our money without any risk here. Besides we can exchange here with low fee.
  9. I think you should focus on your work only. After creating 100 free posts in this forum you have to create 20 useful post per day and you can get payment for it. And I don't think that in future cryptocurrencies will be disrupted because their popularity is increasing day by day and in my opinion cryptocurrencies future is bright.
  10. Actually in my opinion it’s one of the best platform where we can get a lot benefit like we can acquire knowledge from here and we can earn money from here. Personally i feel really better to join here. You can also earn from here by your hard working. You have to create 100 free posts first and then 20 useful posts per day and you can get payment for it. And your posts must be useful.
  11. I start working in this forum in the end of 2020 and it’s almost 17 days i am working here. It’s really a very good journey for me because i can learn from this great forum a lot of things and I am able to be more experienced here. Besides i can earn money from here.
  12. My best earning source is cryptotalk and from here I can get huge knowledge and a lot of experience. Besides I can earn money from here easily. And i think if we have proper knowledge and we can work hard then it’s possible to earn $100 money in a month.
  13. Yeah i tried many survey sites but i have to face some difficulties and bad experience from there. Some sites are really good but maximum of these are scam site. In my opinion it will be better if you work in Cryptotalk than survey sites.
  14. At first when I joined here i felt some difficulties as that time i didn’t know about all rules of this forum properly. But i spent most of my time here to gain knowledge and now i am really very glad that i can gain a huge amount of knowledge from here and now i can work here without any difficulties. Besides I can earn money from here very easily. It’s really a blessings for me to be a member of this great forum.
  15. You are absolutely right my friend. If we can work here attentively, create useful and meaningful posts without any mistakes and if we can complete our daily task of this forum then we can earn from this forum easily. Besides we have to maintain all rules and regulations of this forum properly.
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