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  1. I advise you, my friend, to stay in this section for a while, and to provide more time and effort in gaining knowledge, reading topics, increasing skill and good experience, and then you can move to other sections to learn new things about the world of crypto.
  2. You must start to know the terms of the forum and adhere to them when writing a post, it must be more than a hundred characters and not be copied from another comment or from Google, and it must be of useful content, and for the forum it provides us with a lot of knowledge and valuable information about the world of crypto in exchange for Get paid, definitely the best.
  3. Ahmody


    Welcome my friend, this forum offers us profits in exchange for learning and gaining knowledge, in fact there is no better than that, and in terms of work, well, it is not stressful, but it requires time and understanding of ideas, in addition to adhering to the terms of the forum in order to avoid making mistakes, wish you a good luck.
  4. In fact, I think that cryptocurrencies will be an alternative to cash because all indicators say that, with the passage of time we see their increasing popularity and use, because of their benefits in terms of shortening the time in transfers, and their low costs, and I think it is the best solution.
  5. Investing is making purchases when currency prices are low, and monitoring their prices in the long term, in order to sell them when their price rises and get profits. I believe that knowing the times of buying and selling comes from the amount of knowledge and experience.
  6. Of course, the key to success in any project is knowledge, because through it it becomes possible to enter into work more about the world of crypto, cryptocurrencies and know their prices, in addition to obtaining money.
  7. Of course, you are right, dear, the cryptotalk should be viewed as the best way to learn, increase skill, talk about its benefits and shorten time at work, thus making us want to spend more time on it.
  8. Certainly, we must put learning and acquiring knowledge first, as it allows us to have wider fields and creates greater opportunities than before, to enter into a specific business such as trade or investment, and this is beneficial and profitable.
  9. I believe that more effort and time should be spent in reading useful topics and publications on this forum and gaining good and sufficient knowledge and experience about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, in order to enter into trade and obtain profits.
  10. You can get paid for writing twenty good publications a day, and if good knowledge and sufficient experience is available, I recommend working in the field of trade, and knowing more cryptocurrency prices.
  11. In fact, I heard about it before, and I think it takes more time to compute your reactions on the yobit platform, please be patient and wait a few days, I wish you all the best.
  12. An important point of view, Newton began by asking why, and from here came ideas and laws, and I think that we must also ask why, because that means increasing knowledge and acquiring information, and thus bright ideas come.
  13. I think that the forum terms should be reviewed and adhered to when writing the post and it must be of good content in order to get a positive evaluation in order to become a paid post.
  14. As for me, I think that you must know the conditions and rules of this forum, because this point is important as a start, and then I see that it is really useful to follow experienced members and learn from their experiences, and I think that it is okay to post a new topic or question about a specific thing, because that expands the circle of knowledge And experience on this forum.
  15. Agree with you, of course, my dear, one of the factors of success is keeping the nerves calm, because when working with stress leads to a significant decrease in focus and not to understand the idea or topic, and thus he will lose in the thing he is doing.
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