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  1. Slowly but surely... In any giving space like osmosis ,..slowly but it surely penetrate to fill to its on goal. Persistent, perseverance, and dedication.
  2. To serve this forum with all my strength and faith, and with honor and glory ... Wish to let the whole world know about cryptocurrency....
  3. How I wish an avenue is there for reaching cryptocurrency to under develop countries..... For re better living of poor mass.
  4. Best of my way of earning is in to investment.... Fixed deposit is a method.... Regular attendance in all kind stock broking.
  5. Yes indeed calmness, endurance, and perseverance is a Kay factor..... No greediness in pursuing a goal in any aspect of life... Slowly but surely.
  6. Coming together as a team is a factor. Sharing ideas is a collective responsibility. Reporting in terms of security, been vigilant is an amazing stuff to the forum.
  7. No no no, never a waste of time, either energy..... Persistence, dedication, perseverance can reaching to a coal. Neither a waste of time, nor a waste of energy.
  8. I get to know trough an older member... Which is a nice friend of mine... However the experienced was overwhelmed.
  9. Yes is a welcome idea, as a second way of earning .... Life sustenance is the must valuable aspect of life living..... So therefore I'll be glad to teach my family about cryptocurrency.
  10. Yes so very lucky..... As a lucky person like I, there are so many many people around the world that didn't know about cryptocurrency... So so lucky I found my self in to it. Yes am lucky.
  11. Seeing is believing...... Trough an older member, am convince by the way I saw things going bit by bit. I pledge my allegiance to cryptocurrency as an institution.
  12. Seen is believing .... Initially I see it as a charitable organization, experience from older members make my reputation calm and eye opening.
  13. Seen is believing... I'll be glad so much more, and that will encourage me to invest more, and also to encourage others. The more I earn ,..the more invest.
  14. Yes indeed... It shall be, by thoroughly awareness by different institutions. Most western country's institutions has sensitized the subject of there country in different avenue to accept it.
  15. Yes if possible.... So we can gain from older experience... Looking back with a sense of nostalgia.. I wish so.
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