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  1. This can only be done on computer, electrum wallet on mobile phones do not support this but you can use fee control to reduce the fee in a way up to 25 blocks predictions. But you can not I'm out the number like electrum on computers.
  2. The second reply should be quote but ala the reply should not be what you replied in the fist reply as some people can be so stupid to reply quote by self spamming. Also what we quote must be replied authentically.
  3. You are right, just reply in your own way. But in addition, if the thread is already long, you can just make use of quite. If you quote others, it means you ate not spamming and you are not writing useless contents.
  4. You have said right thing, but we should know ala that not that online wallets are not good too, they are even perfect, what we should do is to practice safe browsing, that is not all, we should also be careful a the time.
  5. Motidepada

    Trust wallet

    True wallet has strong security, but we should still remember that it is online wallet, getting offline wallet like hardware wallet can be best at times. Al's the wallet is complicated for me and more pairs with binance coins makes it not usable for me.
  6. There can not be a safer wallet than the hardware wallet, phone wallets are phone wallets, I will all the time see phone wallets as online, I have not even heard about any phone wallet called offline wallet. The only ones I know are paper and hardware wallets.
  7. Very possible coinomi may have the computer version but I have not seen it listed as part of the best desktop wallets before. But as for the best mobile wallet, it is the first. I will only consider using it as a mobile wallet instead provided if it has computer version.
  8. That is cool, but is a bit expensive. It is my best too, some sites now even regard it as mobile wallet and it is hardware wallet but because you can remotely carry it along with phone with your Bluetooth on to use it on phones easily.
  9. Yes, but be careful of not exposing private keys of the wallet or the seed phrase to people. Also, offline wallet are better and safer. But for low cost or no cost, online wallets are good and convenient. I have used electrum for years now and nothing bad happens.
  10. You have to know this forum is just a campaign, it can be long term but they will still stop paying one day, what we know before should not bothers us anymore if such happen in the future. I will no feel anything at all.
  11. I do not support this kind of thing, or I can no buy this type of money wasting thing. Instead, I can get a safer wallet, I will even get ledger nano x easily and safely to use. The phone wallets do not worth it as the phones are very expensive.
  12. Ledger nano x is a noncustodial wallet and you like it, then why not go for online noncustodial wallet first before using the hardware type to know the ways it works than using custodial wallet. Or, is coinpayment wallet not a custodial?
  13. There is one thing I do consider, it is not about the ease of use at all, it is about the security, that is why I can even use hardware wallets with ease. But I do not like wallets that can be complicated like paper wallets.
  14. I am confused about this wallet, is it trust wallet or trustee wallet? I only know about trust wallet which the binance exchange owns, but about trustee wallet, hope it is not the fake version of trust wallet? Or another wallet that is reputable and trustworthy too?
  15. On the forum, it is good to make topic and posts, not only posts, the ration of topic to posts of 1:100 is still good. If topics ate too many too, it can create another issue by moderators deleting many topics which some people have posted under. The topics must be useful also.
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