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  1. You have showed a good way to withdraw our fund without paying High fees. But basically i convert bitcoin to litecoin as litecoin has low transaction fees. Bitcoin has high Transaction fees. So choosing litecoin is better for me to withdraw my money by paying small amount of transaction fee.
  2. Are you talking about an exchange site or airdrop? I am confused. I can't understand it clearly. Could you please tell me about that coin? Is it new coin? What about its value? Is it ICO? Is it listed in exchange site yet? Could you please tell me in details shortly?
  3. I think online base investment sites will not perform like bank. But some sites are fake as you have mentioned. They are really scam. They will give unbelievable offer. 100%/200% profit in just few days. Or in a week. Or in a month. Is this really easy? They are really fake sites.
  4. Yeah you have said right i guess. Because some of them are fake. There are so many places for investing. There are so many sections for investing. So why in ICO? I think without being over sure we should not invest in ICO.
  5. Yeah perhaps many of the ICO are scams? Is this fair to trust them and invest there? I think its a bit of risk. We should not invest in any untrusted site where our investment is risky. We should be aware about fake and scams ICO.
  6. Thanksgiving for sharing it's benefits though I don't use it often. I have created an account in this site but still i didn't try it out. I think it's a good online wallet. It is also trusted i guess. Perhaps it has crypto and fiat money together. It's really a tremendous site.
  7. I am mining bitcoin in a free site. And i am also mining PI coin. PI coin is being mined by it's application. I know free mining sometimes can't be fake. But lets see. But pi network is a trusted site i heard. It's not scam.
  8. nayon89

    USB Miner

    Probably i have heard about this USB mining for the very first time. I didn't hear about that indeed. Which Coin is being mined by this usb? Do you know? Is it really legit? Or scam? Is this really possible to mine by usb?
  9. As an exchange site they are not bad but as you are talking about free coins, So how much have you got? I think they give 1 or 2 coins. So what can you do with this small amount of coins? Is it worth of our precious time? Anyway thank you for your comment.
  10. Actually mining is not an easy way to make profit. You need equipment alongside electricity power. So if you want to rent mining hardwares to others then you have to carry electricity bill and all others costs. But you take rented hardware for mining then they will carry all the costs needed. I think it's better.
  11. Yeah it seems like not a bad exchange site. Though sometimes i face maintenance issue. I mean when the wallet is under maintenance that time I can't send my fund. So it's an issue. Others it's not bad i guess. I have been using this forum since march .
  12. I didn't get the airdrop on yobit ever. But i have heard about this airdrop. If i get this airdrop now then i will surely take this insha Allah. Many of us might get this offer but not me. I tend to think it was a great airdrop. Many of us have got this great airdrop.
  13. Actually i am not a professional trader. I don't have enough experience in this field though. But i convert bitcoin to litecoin to make withdraw. Perhaps its one kind of trading. But i don't have any investment in trading site. But i think binance is one of the best trading site alongside yobit as well. Both are good sites.
  14. I also did not use PayPal USD for buying bitcoin ever. I didn't even try. But that's really a good option for buying or selling bitcoin through PayPal. I may not need it but some of us may need it. So it can be helpful for them.
  15. Actually currently i don't have any investment on yobit. I don't make investment currently. I am just earning from Cryptotalk campaign. That's it. I don't have any plan to make any investment in Crypto. Thank you for your content.
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