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  1. I pray it reaches 9k range because I have bitcoin and the value has depreciated alot.the corona virus is having major influence on the price of bitcoin and it's becoming annoying.
  2. We all hope it crosses the 10k dollar range but with the current situation of the crypto currencies and bitcoin it would be very difficult.the corona virus has had major effect on the price of bitcoin.
  3. The forum has numerous advantages.its a means of sharing information about bitcoin and the crypto world at large.you could also ask questions.earning of free satoshi is also very important because people get to have bitcoin.
  4. Nothing is actually certain right now.the price of bitcoin is not stable due to the corona pandemic.the price keep falling and rising.i believe in no time everything will be stable.
  5. The corona virus is really affecting the price of bitcoin and other crypto asset.the price is currently fluctuating and not stable at all.i would advise you to still hold on to your bitcoin.
  6. I don't think so.i believe it would not have any significant effect on the price of dollars.dollar is actually very strong and it would be difficult to devalue it.lets all hope bitcoin reaches 100k
  7. Thanks for posting these topic.i was planning of asking thesame question.i am new to cryptotalk and I don't know how to convert and withdraw my earnings.
  8. Crypto currency is majorly an electronic currency or should I say a digital currency/asset.i was introduced to crypto currency early 2020 by q very good friend.
  9. You are just paranoid.crypto currency and the crypto world are totally safe.you don't need to get scared for any reason.you need to be careful though, because of scam sites.
  10. Bitcoin is the safest and most popular crypto currency in the crypto world.it has been tested and trusted.bitcoin is not collapsing anytime soon.it will only get better.
  11. I believe creating of topics on a particular problem especially by newbies is majorly to create awareness so the moderators will know there is a problem and it would be attended to.
  12. Thanks for the information,you are absolutely right.we all need to be careful in order not to become a victim of crypto scam. Avoid crypto doblers at all cost.
  13. Wow, congratulations for completing your first 100 reputation.its not easy to achieve that.it shows you are really working hard on the platform.i cant wait to get more reputation.
  14. I have been on the forum for like let me say 2 .i am relatively new on the platform.i actually love the platform.its the best online earning site available.i don't regret joining cryptotalk.
  15. There is no official app for yobit so let's all be guided because scammers are everywhere and you might actually loose your earnings and other Crypto asset to them.
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