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  1. Yes Of course and I believe in Crypto and it can give us more than gold profit but Gold is most valuable and it exists locally and I think the gold price can down minimum but bitcoin can dump easily 30-40% but also other sites it gives huge good profit
  2. It can be concluded that the numbers are equally rare and the value is always rising are 2 characters that make Bitcoin and gold the same. But because of its digital nature, Bitcoin is claimed to be better than gold because bitcoin does not require physical storage, besides accessing bitcoin is also easy, it only needs the internet.
  3. It is a venture and as we realize that it needn't bother with an extraordinary exertion or day by day work or a particular spot to run and utilize it and this is the thing that makes it unmistakable and it gets incredible notoriety since it gives a total opportunity to somebody who possesses the digital crypto
  4. Cryptocurrency It is an investment and as we know that it does not need a great effort or daily work or a specific place to run and use it and this is what makes it distinctive and it receives great popularity because it provides complete freedom for someone who owns the cryptocurrency
  5. Let us keep on investing because we can have large profits soon, especially on bitcoin. It will have its halving next year and in that way, there could be many coins in demand and the prices would surely rise up. Invest in the best. Investment is saving money for a long period to get profits in the future. For example, we buy bitcoin and save it for a long time to get profit in the future.
  6. Bitcoins are the most popular and most valuable coins. Most biggest coins are bitcoins. So it does not compare with other coins what's being that's gold coins.
  7. Well, the price if bitcoin is higher than gold, the price of gold is stable unlike bitcoin that it changes by the hour, you can buy some many golds using bitcoin its because the price of gold it can say that is cheap. If it is not a scam (in my country there are a few ATMs made to buy physical gold with fiat), it would be a very good thing that the store of value in crypto (BTC) finds a direct door into the store of value in fiat... as an investment, it would only work for BTC or gold as you wouldn't be holding them at the same time ... but this isn't this almost the same as a crypto stable coin backed in gold?
  8. Steemit is my choice, because I have produced something from it. Our choices are the same for this, but I want to hear other people's choices, is there anything else that can be profitable again. Let me know.
  9. This is the first time I heard about this app you are talking here because I dont have any idea about the Ethuerium Apps, I know that yes of course there are many Ethereum Apps but I have never interested in use them!
  10. Seeing as the more games are bought digitally nowadays the thought that cryptocurrency can be used to buy games isn't that far-fetched and with the gaming community consisting of people who are regular residents of the internet, it is only a matter of time before that becomes the main way in which we purchase games. I never know about this but the real question is the government can get taxes or not?. This is the main problem using crypto as an alternative payment. We never reject technology but must have benefits for all, include government. This is good news but needs regulation to control it before something wrong happen and no one won't take responsibility.
  11. Is there a website where you can buy a ps4 video game or a pc with bitcoins? I think that would be very nice if there were any. Digital copies, physical disk, whatever it is.
  12. Buy video game with cryptocurrencies like ethereum bitcoin ripple and other cryptocurrencies some video game retailers took it as an opportunity to cater to its tech-savvy community there are many online games available you can buy buy with cryptocurrencies as the technology increased many shopkeepers accept bitcoin and other crypto coins as a payment method
  13. Today there are a lot of stores now are supporting to use bitcoin as a payment on their store and this is more efficient because they just need to scan the code and they already paid, no hassle and more effective.
  14. I have not heard or seen anyone who purchases video games with bitcoin I have played the games but I never purchased and game with bitcoin I only know you can gamble with bitcoin and altcoins also
  15. Bitcoin se ab video games bhi purchase hoga. Ab ek baht bada customer ka sailab bitcoin ki taraf aakarshit hoga aur ye saare new users hoge jo market ko hila kar rakh denge . Esase bitcoin ka market growth karega aur game purchase karne walo ko adhik se adhik jankari di jayegi ki wo kaise bitcoin .Ko manage kare aur game purchase kare.. In the present Internet age, plenty of things are going to change given the way that this computer game is discussing the careful thing since when we used to purchase previously, however, we used to shop from various stages. All things considered now however at home, we can purchase bitcoin through the web. So on account of computer games that we have just purchased now, later on, it will be simpler to purchase various things with Bitcoin.
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