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  1. ,my way is to achieve the best profit in i follow when market IS down i buy And when market is up i sell.
  2. the place to withdraw coins from cryptotalk IS yobit you just set your id And got payment.
  3. many coin are here i think 1600 or,more but coin ,m is 100 top coin in site ilke btc ltc xrp xdg A|nd 9,more coin.
  4. yes i think ,m9ore skils for English langauge i think this very i,mportAnt for us thankS.
  5. the best argument for crypto in i think very important for us so it is very important thank you for your useful post.
  6. very good and positively effect in the world in cryptocurrency i like this is i have lot of coin and i trade this coin thank you for your post.
  7. yes i like staking crytocurrency and i 9many invest here and i earn og lot of money in this way.
  8. no because i don,t accept this valentines day its so bad day for ok thank you for your useful post i just share my opinion.
  9. why your family not use bolckchain i think blockchain is very good and trased site i just share my experience now as your wish thank you.
  10. i don,t know about is bitcoinnect i don,t listen this topic sorry for this thank you i like u and love you all thank you .
  11. crypto vs paypal i like crypto because i like coinmarket i love this and i trade this i have on this coin thank you.
  12. good your family member is hooked on bitcoin that is very good diction i like your post thank you.
  13. i think XRP will become the new world currency but bitcoin no 1 crypto world all time thank you for your useful post.
  14. i think crypto is very good future for fornt i like that and follow in crypto for trading and earn profit thank you.
  15. no i think this time not possible for withdraw from yobit to bank account because i don,t see any option in yobit.
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