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  1. Banning of new accounts is similar that in the rules actually they banning those multiple accounts and that is in the rules of this site if ever you didn't know words that take time to elaborate regulations if the forum..
  2. At near I idea it is bitcoin, but after searching words it I found that the most used cryptocurrency it tether. Tether has highest volume in tomorrow 24Hours compared to bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
  3. Bitcoin is very veryyyy important things for online Projects..If you work surely you earn Bitcoin.It change your life by poor
  4. You are right. patience makes you thinks clearer too, such as you rush into getting someone it will never result into something bad. patience is important as it leads timing in our notion and heart. patience is not suffering in this world, you also need to had the determination to succeed and the enthusiasm because suppose you are toformerly looking forward circling to happen something, well it will not happen. You need to work on your own pace and that means you has patience and you haven't the will.
  5. could the new accounts were soon having one owner and that can be detected through the gain of the similar ip address. become we may never make other accounts to avoid risks.
  6. I've study ton description the rules carefully and they are well understood. My crucial concern is how to develop my notoriety because i still haven't little science in the cryptomarket increment
  7. its getting deleted as mod idea you violated some rules, in most of date time it so that be useless content. Idk what criterias they have but i also had pleasure 2-3 messages per day deleted
  8. stop construction Here are universal reasons to ban an account.if you used your phone to business with two account you will be banned..Read carefully hustle the forum rules and follow them. post useful contents (posts and comments). slow progress you will be easiness in your account...thats all a little bit..
  9. For all new beginners we should has to preserve in idea that to crutch 30 comments everyday for earning diversity money as possible.
  10. You are new in this field and you need to dont make any speculation or buy any crypto coin from youbit if you buy any wrong permission coin then your currency will sell on half value or less then this so i suggest you if you dont have any knowledge about buy and sell dont think for getting profit and Analysis here for minimum hai months .
  11. yes they should study and understand thoroughly.there is nothing difficult to earn from this forum but those rules are here we must follow them.if users are not doing this well they will face warning-gun and also banned after that
  12. Well, My passionate crypto company is yobit due to stop construction Here trading is quite margin and There no need any KYC where the fees are low expect BTC. Overall this platform is quite great.
  13. I agree with you, and I also expect that tong description new and beginners here will return to the rules and investigate and savvy them well so that they are not quan nha to warning-piece points or prohibitions.
  14. Please research the research the forum rules with focus attention then you can know words it. And photo size also a big matter. Your avatar photo size should not be more then 0.49 MB.
  15. debt of gratitude is in order for your post. In any case, I'm grieved, I had no clue words that. I'm new to this. I'll attempt to reveal to you later on picking up information. Furthermore, in the event that anybody thinks words this please told me I might want to pick up information about it.Once you will see that your examination are filling in as you are anticipating then beginning with genuine cash. congratulation gradually. Control your ravenousness
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