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    Crypto is a platform which gives opportunities to people that they earn good amount from it and over come their financial issues and also get knowledge about crypto so that they invest in and trade and get huge profit. For me it helps a lot to earn money and fulfill my daily basis needs. Thanks
  2. First get knowledge then you invest money at right time to get profit.
  3. I will be very happy and I invest in some bussiness so that I get profit.
  4. I believe that if I visit some specific site it limits my knowledge instead of it I join forum to know opinions of others and their experiences and increase my knowledge.
  5. I keep patience I never cut loss instead I hold on my coins so that whenever market goes up I sell them and earn profit.
  6. China economy has great impact on world economy. Chinese always stand for new technology. It is a great step to adopt blockchain technology by China. It cause great revolution in future.
  7. Many countries don't like crypto but crypto currency will solve the problem of economy although it already help the poor citizens to earn money so that they fulfill their needs. It definitely become a financial weapon if it adopt legally by countries.
  8. Crypto is that platform which gives opportunities to people to earn a handsome money so that they cover their financial issues as well as we socialize with others and known their opinions and their experiences and also get knowledge.
  9. Learning, knowledge, experience and patience is key to success so work properly and efficiently.
  10. Asia is the largest continent ,countries of Asia like China are now ready to accept crypto if it happens then Asia definitely new core of world in crypto currency.
  11. When I first heard about crypto I don't take it seriously after some time I got interested in crypto and start to work now I earn good income from crypto.
  12. I never leave crypto because it is that platform which give me opportunity of earning and I learn a lot about crypto world and I get experience by sharing the knowledge with others.
  13. If someone offers that they give high profit and extra bonus it is really scam don't trust them and avoid them. First research and then invest your money
  14. My discipline in trading is that I keep emotion out of it, first research and then buy any coin and finally I set up a goal and then I try my best to achieve my goal.
  15. If I have time machine then I shall go in future to see what will happen with crypto in future so that I properly manage what can I do with cryptocurrency.
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