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  1. yobit exchange doing great now a days which exchange run this sort of campaign really appreciated give the probabilities to find out the crypto currency present all want crypto currency and provides earning also
  2. Which blockchain networks does one mean? it might be great to possess the knowledge to undertake to not use them. I even have read the testimony of other CryptoTalk foristas who indicate that Ripple and Ethereum networks, among others, are in no time .
  3. Absolutely yes but it can help blockchain to enhance its algorithms as quantum speed is thousands of times faster than a traditional blocks of ledgers. Making blockchain more faster and secure will help future crypto users to specialise in their coins and not worry about their earnings might be steal by others.
  4. I suggest for not to hitch airdrops, because it must be admitted that nearly all of them are scam or fake. If the share is probably 0.5% real and 99.5% scam. Better to seek out another income, because it'll waste some time just follow airdrops. it isn't profitable for airdrops immediately .
  5. in my point of view, i feel yes.because for currency possible for sove unemployment problemes.unemployment problem is extremely big problem for any county. if solve that problem then any country can develop. so i feel cryptocurrency helped countrys.
  6. This is green signals for crypto currency user and this great achievement for crypto trader. In my opinion the china block chain is launched thanks to china digital currency. I read different crypto pages that china launched the own digital currency. this is often positive signal for crypto acceptance all the opposite world.
  7. I keep my family conscious of the work I do and my purse keys are pointed and protected because as we are today tomorrow we don't know to not lose everything that I even have worked in total vain is my family and what interests me is that they will cash in of what I can leave you.
  8. It so sad that the most characteristics of crypto currencies is definitely manipulated and altered . that's the essence of crypto I hope they respect that.
  9. Rayhan77

    Crypto future

    I even have an equivalent belief as you, crypto are going to be very big during a few years, just like the internet that was once unknown and now all connected via the web , and cryptocurrency are going to be like that too. especially what has changed is that the payment system, this may displace several other payment instruments, and that they are forced to undertake to modify to cryptocurrency.
  10. Sometimes ETH beats bitcoin in terms of market volume like what happened some days ago in Yobit but it's never been ready to dethrone bitcoin in terms of price and market cap. Although ethereum is more functional than bitcoin and may be used for developing new altcoins but i do not think it can beat bitcoin easily. it's going to overtake bitcoin within the future but that thing doesn't happen soon. Ethereum network needs more high value altcoins to proceed and extend its network. there's already high demand for a few altcoins and if this trend keeps happening , ETH may dethrone bitcoin. But bitcoin is already way before ETH and it's too hard to succeed in the extent of recognition bitcoin has achieved during of these years.
  11. Depends upon what you think that . In my opinion investment is that the best way. Creating a blog and therefore the use it for ads to earn is additionally great it but properly maintaining it's tiring.
  12. Switzerland may be a country suitable for crypto businesses that need high security. Switzerland has been well-intentioned with cryptocurrencies for an extended time, encouraging new businesses and making it easier for crypto business owners to seek out their headquarters.
  13. Thanks for the small print of the coins and each newbie should read this for invest within the crypto currency and it are often very useful for all beginners and experienced persons want the small print about the coins to take a position
  14. It is increasingly important for folks that are big into crypto to understand what rules apply to them supported the sort of coin and their country's rules. as an example , securities are banned in some areas and under tons of scrutiny in others. Since there's a rule regarding what makes something a security, this will affect whether over-reaching regulation is supposed to stop access within the name of protecting people from scams or potential earnings that do not match expectation.
  15. Bitcoin wasn't made to enter this type of fields, but bad people used it just like the main payment method for his or her attacks, within the current time the cyber crimes increased tons , and that we got to protect ourselves the maximum amount as we will and avoid anything suspicious, because we'll regret after our mistakes
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