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  1. Because their goal is to increase the yobit counter, so that they get paid, many do not even read the subject, just the title, and based on that they respond, most of the time improperly. Thank you. Well, we cannot convince them to give us reputation because this reputation is very important to us by knowing every members here by their behavior, so we need to used our reputations to the members who deserves a lot like the good members here in this forum. Thank you.
  2. Some of this coins will completely disappear within the future, and some of them may have a big achievement, thank you for contributing besides. Thank you.
  3. Rased#1

    Crypto future

    But the opportunity is to a great extent better. as kiptu is such a nice site. functioning at this juncture be able to get approximately money, put on acquaintance and realize a lot. accordingly I suppose Kiptu's outlook is bright. Thank you.
  4. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing your helpful theme, my objective of joining cryptotalk is to find out about cash and gaining cash. And furthermore I have composing my aptitude improve for this site. Thank you.
  5. This is very esencial thinking and a good topic at all. The world is moving towards a digital age. Most of the activities are already digitalized and in future the best way of payment will be crypto because it is more secure and has high transaction speed and low cost.Thank you.
  6. This is a very good topic. I have in no way been cheated on cryptocurrency as I wear and tear a trustworthy antivirus, tried but they did not accomplish something for the reason that the antivirus reacted in time. Thank you.
  7. Yes, I'm agree with your opinion. We are all members of cryptotalk are like a family. Here we can earn money and also gain knowledge about different unknown topics. Thank you for this topic.
  8. I know something about this. So I think Some of this coins will completely disappear within the future, and some of them may have a big achievement, thank you for contributing besides.
  9. This is a very good question. You can win with just one ticket! If anyone knows about this, try to say,Thank you for suggesting this. you have a chance to win a prize. they are learning about different currencie.
  10. Yes by mining with your phone you harm your phone and arm the life of your phone battery and in final you will got nothing, that's why people don't need to do this. As you said it's nit really profitable way to earn bitcoin at all i don't advise to do that to anyone.thank you.
  11. The main step for the apprenticeship on this site is to avoid copy-paste.You have to make all unique comments.If you copy someone comment then you will be banned from here.Of course, all have to be careful and avoid this
  12. Yes you are right, you do not allow all your information to be true, but if you do not allow this section to share the references, codes, ineffecting posts and other languages of the app, you will not get the earnings you earn, but if you skip it, your account is safely
  13. Beginners can't earn 0.000109300 a big amount from faucet.Because it is not a way for good earning.And it is just waste of valuable time
  14. I think YouTube has a certain reason for blocking YouTube channel about crypto, maybe it's because the video content is a bit of dirty words or something else for example.
  15. There is many crypto earning webdite not only cryptotalk. The crypto currency is the best and most valuable currency in the world today. Crypto currency is popular all over the world.It's so good. It is helping us a lot in our lives. The crypto was the most expensive in 2018, still priced well. General Chat Chat LoungI think Crypto will improve further in thefuture
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