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  1. Yes i know i think you have a mistake to put your email address .you have to use the email use you in your cryptotalk and registered the same email in your yobit account .try doing forget password and recover your email and password .
  2. Yes the email id which is registered in crypto talk is not same on the yobbit try it you will be able to connect it , you have to use the email you use in your cryptotalk and registered the same email in your yobit account , then your cryptotalk and yobit account will then connected .
  3. Yes it is very interested , thaks for sharing us this beautiful topic but i dont have any knowledge about topic actually i have no idea abot your post , the game is the secound title od biscuit .developed EOS knights the legendary blockchain .
  4. Yes i suggest the free airdrops and the bounties that are working right now how to get rich from crypto , i still have no idea about the language and i have no idea about your post , because i still had to say that you dont follow the rules of the forums .
  5. Yes i am totally agreed with you i think this will be good but not in this way ,then you can learn from him ..or if anyone knows please let me know .you want me to gain knowledge , now i am trying to learn the good thing of this site .
  6. Yes that so he could not understand so many same post have created , but he should be more careful in near future ,, i have red comment even the offenders comment and it sound like juts bug caused by internet error ,so let us not jumb into conclusions .
  7. Yes it is much bigger than it really is , and it is an easy way for anyone who can work hard and work on crypto , and this coin operates in a blockchain manner which has by now been normal in numerous countries ,it is enough for you to just enter her world and try it to understand it .
  8. Yes the news on its blog Wednesday the firm said the news marks it as the first pure play crypto company to be approved by the credit card giant , our specilist permently analyze .
  9. Yes today i will use this application and see really this application pay or not and how it works too , the higher your country level the earn $5 by writing a blog post , but it is the very complicated and i dont think one can earn from this
  10. Yes i think my should go to Google and browser about trustworthy wallet , i am totally agreed with you ,i know i ask that the btc trading then you will be trading in the markets then why the btc dump on month ago and the best .
  11. Yes at least we can follow trading histories and volumes using these sites , i am fully for what you have to offer in giving your potential customers some relief in the forum of high transaction fees they are paying using other exchanges .
  12. Yes i know i got to cash out the bitcoin i made this app really works , it took me a few day to make usd of bit coin . I am glad i did not waste my time like with other app , i thing the highest paying cryptocurrency apps is binance .
  13. Yes i know , i m interested i wish you can pick me ,, that make a whole lot of difference that is truely great for sure , money gram launched a real time remmittance service , if you are working online then you have to need a good sales man .
  14. Yes i am agreed with you , if you are working online to earn a platform , are there websites and resources , which can be used to earn income online ,that everyone will find the chore connected with Amon .
  15. You can stop commenting to prevent people from comments on a separated post , because i have not met a cause like this , because they are useful and informative posts .i think every topic comment is counted .
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