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  1. When for the first time i invested in coinbase so i was always trying to see the prices. When price was decreasing so i was feeling bad and when price was increasing so i was excited on that time.
  2. Its good news that every country is getting involvement in bitcoin and digital currencies. If the price increases so we people will be benefited in the future.
  3. No i am not agree with you at this point. There is equality here in this site and forum so there is no biasedness. Every one can get the same benefit.
  4. Well i don't know that there will be any other cryptocurrency betrer than bitcoin. So you can invest in bitcoin without any fear and without any hesitation.
  5. Misleading is very bad thing which may lead the price of something to the wrong way as you discussed in this post. So be aware of this type useless news.
  6. Well my friend every one is engage with this site and earning that's why people are talking and due to this the price of bitcoin is increasing day by day.
  7. Friend its my third week to be worked here and i am very happy with this site. Crypto is providing an opportunity for youngers and also for jobless to earn and to entertain their life well.
  8. Crypto is the world best forum and best way to earn money and get knowledge and learn how to start trading and become rich in very few months.
  9. Well there are many wallet which are very best but i think coinbase will be the best and it is secured and safe and easy to use. I have experienced with this.
  10. Hi and welcome dude. When you reach to 100 post so you can be able to earn money and you can tranfer this amount to your yobit account where then you can withdraw.
  11. I appreciate your effort and work that you have done for new users. Yes when i was beginner so i was also feeling so tired and i was boring to do the job so be patient and be calm while performing this activity.
  12. I am also at beginner stage and i am learning more things. So I would like to suggest that for beginner we need to first read the instructions very carefully and then get start in this forum.
  13. Thanks friend for your useful and wonderful information you shared with us. Yes we should all be aware and be wake up to keep our password and accounts safe. Don't share your personal information to any other unknown person.
  14. Yes bitcoin and crypto change and affect our lives on very good way. Due to this i am getting much earning and now enjoying my life without any fear.
  15. Hello everyone. I think it is my third week to spend here. And i am learning very much about digital currencies and also about how people are getting from trading.
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