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  1. Hardware mining is totally difficult only cloud mining has some profit if you do hard work. But there are most of the sites or apps are fake. Only few sites which give you some earning but to get high earning is impossible. Cryptotalk,, free-litecoin.
  2. Blockchain follows principles such as transparency, and security through blocks hash. However, it's seems that China is not going to tolerate decentralised system, instead they're making their own "digital currency" that would still be monitored,
  3. I will just hold it for a while because its still runs in the network, we can't say that if you have no electricity in your town there's no electricity in a whole world.
  4. Some people are always happy when they are making profit in the cryptocurrency market, but when the market start decreasing in value, they fade up with the cryptocurrency.
  5. It is likened to a young person who stops learning as if an elderly person with a senile mind. However, if someone continues to study, he is like a young child with an extraordinary enthusiasm for learning
  6. I know what is the difference of this two because im literally know that this two are the same because the tokens are the new released coin that has no value yet in the market but once this coin having some value, it will be a coin soonest.
  7. Never invest more than you’re ready to lose no matter how green or promising the market looks. The cryptocurrency market is a volatile one and as such, even the unexpected can happen. Predictions by professionals are only accurate to a certain degree, thus, invest wisely.
  8. I agree with you, I do not put all my money in the currency world, I use good coins to earn money in this currency world and have been working there for a long time and have made good money, we have good cryptocurrency money. Need to invest because good coins will pave the way for you to earn good money, such as Bitcoin Ethereum , Litecoin XRP.
  9. Successful in trading, we must be able to continue to develop the strategies we use. So we can keep abreast of prices, therefore careful planning is needed. In order for the strategies that we use can work well.
  10. The bull market has even begun yet. The truth is, for a true bull run, there needs to be steady growth in volume, liquidity, market capitalization, and also growth in the altcoin market. Even though some people only like Bitcoin, the truth is BTC will greatly suffer in value and volume if altcoins don't perform well. They trade against BTC just as much as against USDT and stablecoin equivalents. When volume increases steadily, it will lean more and more towards higher price action and the signal will cause more and more activity.
  11. Don't treat your tradding account or exchange sites accounts a s wallets. We have seen many traditing sites clossing up moatnof them announce a closing up but some don't or not announce it properly purposely.
  12. We have a different wallets now that supports with the use of converting your cryptocurrency into real money and it is good because they are accepting now the use of cryptocurrency.
  13. The greed nature of people wanting to get money easily, they just created a new cryptocurrency project without a clear vision to last in the industry, even though at first it didn't mean to be a scammer. by making a lot of promotions and giving airdrops to investors, but because investors lose because of falling prices, investors sell back the new cryptocurrency projec.
  14. I think so, it all needs to have a good bitcoin wallet and a bitcoin address, and then use it to transfer what you have and then deposit into the wallet you want, the only issue I have seen is that , for bitcoin ,you have about 120,000 satoshis as the fee, on whichever address or withdrawal methods you will use. but even you can withdraw using usd, just change your bticoins into USD and then send them into your online wallet and thats it.
  15. i have started crypto field by a gambling site which named freebitco . in, that is still running from last 5 to 6 year and paying also. but i only got a loss in gambling as you can never control your greed and the makers of any gambling site would not want to win you.
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