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  1. Sure the forex trading business is the best business that's you can do it from your home it need some knowledge about the crypt trading and large investment to start earning.
  2. Yeah i am facing the same issue , i do my complete 30 posts but i get some of my post deleted like 2-3 post daily which get deleted they don't concerned with it, so it's kind of lesson of deleting post
  3. About three years for me. I was writing articles bit by bit and also studying about it on the platforms that can teach me the knowledge of Crypto for those period of years. I thought myself that I will not make any difference in this world, but with some encouragement I returned
  4. I am fairly new to this forum. So I don't know the value of these coins so much. So next time I will convert my bitcoin to ltc coin.
  5. Try using Binance which is the safest and most secure wallet and you dont need to do the KYC to use the wallet ,but you can also use blockchain wallet too.
  6. Actually I am very happy to work crypto in per time. I think if crypto give us long term service then . If you design a proper plan, you can take advantage of both your job and this forum to maximize your earnings.
  7. From being unemployed this coins give me opportunity to earn money online.I'm so happy because I knew how to use on my side
  8. For now 2500 posts is not mean anything when it comes to increase you earnings,I can't discuss with you about this topic.i will try to get the idea.
  9. Even their vids are cliçkbaits with encouraging titles but faked.Even youtubers are scam like most of faucets and free earning sites do faucet and airdrop and use sites paid to do surveys or clicks that pay in bitcoin seems like an excellent strategy
  10. if I or someone else could, then you can, most importantly, start! So i advice you to read there rull and instructions and following this you must be succes.
  11. I am also new here.So i am just visiting different section to know more about form.The language allowed to be written in English only, every subject or post starts with a uppercase letter Post comments related to the topic
  12. Until now i get i think 15$ i get problem because my post stil get deletedI have earned around 5 lakh satoshi.But I hope to work for a few more days and get more payments
  13. Hello everyone i would like to say that this platform is a very good one for earning on online.besides follow all the terms and conditions of this community.
  14. I joined cryptotalk may be less then or a week ago.this is good forum from my experience.And the greatest thing in here is tht they give you free money for just posting.
  15. So I think if you want to take risk then go for the money.Taking high risk isn't good for your money.i dont have a good records in dice.every time i loose.and now i dont want to loose my earning again.
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