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  1. Your post is really good for information and how to delete your CryptoTalk account permanently. Nobody wants to delete his account. I am too but I have no knowledge of your question as I do not want to delete my cryptocurrency account.
  2. The website you are promoting here. Thank you for the info. I think it should be publicized only in Russian and in other cryptotalic forums with your Russian language. Thanks.
  3. Both the United States and the West and Arab countries. The cryptocurrency has raised further concerns about the market. And prohibits legal or even religious transactions in this currency. The law has begun to enforce the whites market in sufficient numbers. Many Arab countries. Like Egypt and Palestine.
  4. If you already understand the currency crypto. Trading or buying coins will not recognize the loss of crypto words. There is some profit or more profit. What do you think. Every investment book in an investment has a profit-loss component. Every business understands that you can make a loss at any time so this is not an unimaginable situation. You may gain more or less and you may suffer losses.
  5. I believe the admin will give the account. Of course there are solutions. You can contact the administrator to indicate the problem and the administrator will open your account or declare it permanently banned. As long as you can provide proof admins, you will give your rights. Thank you
  6. I started the field of crypto by a gambling site. The name is Freebitcoin. At the time I was only gambling because you can never control your greed. The creators of a gambling site don't want you to win. They always understand your tricks and tricks and you loose your money. Only a wise and patient gamble can win the race, but it is very difficult.
  7. I think that PayPal and Coinbase additionally quit this initiative several days ago. Some governments also went against it. In this light it is not acceptable. After the offer came up at the currency display. I don't think the library costs too much.
  8. This is necessary for mining a transaction. Reduce the number, so BTC prices will be wasted because mining is much easier. Everything is controlled by Chinese minerals. So I doubt they want to hear from anyone. I think they need to fork the chain to accept it.
  9. Life would have been easier if everyone knew when to buy their wealth. And have to sell. However, the ideal plan for public welfare has not yet been invented. Traders have shifted to today's exchange market in the form of "wisdom" sentences and superstitions in an attempt to estimate the exchange rate movements from time to time. Who is Crypto from Destender Wall Street. Has moved to the market. During the full moon it will try to determine if it is worth the business and how Bitcoin can be useful in human design.
  10. This topic is founded on that purpose and I hope it lasts a few months and thus keeps us informed about the world of Bitcoin. I plan to upload two interesting daily news about cryptocurrency. Please analyze each piece of news somewhat. This is not a particular opinion, they are simply from different data sources and consistent information, but based on a lot of assumptions. Which may or may not happen. The degree to which they do not have. The forum is about getting to know more every day, with them the option to ask their questions or questions. Which exacerbates some of the problems we have to deal with.
  11. Venezuela was in dire need of cryptocurrency as their economy was in severe crisis due to inflation. I haven't updated in the last one month. In my country, crypto is illegal. You do not have permission to perform any activities related to cryptocurrency.
  12. This feels the same thing. They need to bring in more interesting features that will make members more involved with cryptotal. You said about the rewards. If they can do this, it will certainly stress members. And create competition among the members too.
  13. You might not know, but crypto is a huge part of the world. His outspoken sentiment against crypto, and it's funny because it matters. However, the arrivals fear not to avoid crypto. New people think that crypto is dangerous. Full of scandal, and impossible to buy and hold. Whether you know the chef or not, others are aware, so this is important, but more important.
  14. How you handle crypts This may be helpful but I don't think posting this national will change your life. You can continue to be a student yourself without asking for any support from your parents. Changing lives is greedy. It depends on how big your profits are and how hard you work to get BTC and cryptos.
  15. Why quantum computers will hurt the crypto market. This is not possible and no one can do it. If this is possible then many people will already do it so it is impossible. CryptoOlder has a great business and big market and I am a business person. Thanks ...
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