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  1. It's ok it's not a serious problem, maybe just a temporary problem on the website server. Fortunately this only happens rarely, and we need not worry about this fact.
  2. First you need to invest on your security for example to be a potential hardware wallet, then you need to hold your keys and doing backup.
  3. Towards better earning of cryptocurrency. There is another mining on this side. Everyone is already good. There is no need to invest in mining. Sing and do a very good job.
  4. Of course.anything,anywhere subject of fake is so much painful for thats join members.also here everyone like me would be tensed if here happened anything like this
  5. Actually mates,I am a beginner at this currency and coins things so I don't know very much but It will glad to know anything about currency. Have a good journey here buddies.
  6. What is in your mind? Which crypto currency will grow up and cross the bitcoin??i am confused
  7. Hmm,You know that every person want to work with crypto currency and wants to earn more crypto currency. When i sit in a public place every person discuss about crypto currency and its price changes
  8. Actually i am not agree with any invest ment through online.thats just my theory.what about your ?
  9. I Just joined last week.so my earning is too little
  10. I have never heard about it.so i have no idea..but it means purity purity may be
  11. In my theory,To earn bitocoin you have to work it for.as this forum provide us an opportunity to earn bitcoin by posting relevant comments and topics.there is no easiest source to earn bitcoin.hope you all understand
  12. Here is what you should do. Never panic sell, because in market, it is like that, things go up and down. The best is to prepare to buy more so that when the market will come up, you earn.
  13. If you have an enough knowledge and an ability in trading, gambling or any platform., I think it is the recipe of success.i think that mates
  14. I think,there are some people who don't understand crypto problems easily consider it gambling. Why and why do they think and mostly directly like that?
  15. I think we should be more careful, there are many ways that we can protect ourselves from scammers. Do not share any personal information, do not talk to strangers about your cryptocurrency. Never click on an unknown link
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