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  1. I think both have their specific merits and demerits. If we talk about decentralized system imthey are non specific and ensure the flow of money to almost all corners of world. As for centralized system they mKe sure that cash felow is maintained for the masses of a state and can help to enlight economic burden.
  2. There is no hard and fast ruke for investment. Even newbie can invest in crypto if they have the capital and they are confident. I think you should invest and trade when you have sufficient knowledge about a project and enouvh experience so that you can check the liability of a project.
  3. Its really great for bitcoin to achieve this much success and its good that bitcoin is developed so much in past 12 years. Its because it is becoming more and more popular among users and people trust more and more in it for investment. Its rate is high due to its demand.
  4. I spend most of my time in crypto world because it help me to get more knowledge about cryptocurrency and i get more experience from others opinion. Sometimes i also enjoy beginners forum which is relatively simple and i also like to help others
  5. That's really informative. I think the goals are termed as long time achievements. You cannot rush toward them you have to earn them. I think best abkut this forum is that you can earn and learn at same tine which i appreciate most.
  6. I don't think working here will be very difficult in beginning as it is in other fields. No doubt completing 100 posts is a bit hectic but its not that you have to complete in one day and then all you have to do is to just post 30 commenta which can be easily managed with daily tasks.
  7. I have joined the cryptocurrency recently and i realky enjoyed working here. I feel very good from earning here and i feel sorry that why didn't i join it before. But now that i have started working here i will look forward to do this. And i think crypto is good enough. Some problem pop up tine to time but i hope moderator will sokve them.
  8. Increase in reputation will not cause any increment in your earning and it will not help you to get more money. But if you want to increase your reputation you can do it by posting informative posts so that people seek your guidance and follow you.
  9. Yes i have also faced this issue. It will take greater time to complete 30 posts per day now which increased time gap. But i think it is good for those who don't have high typing speed. It will alse help moderator to maintain the site better.
  10. Don't worry i was also facing this problem. You can avoid this by changing your browser view to desktop view and can again check that. If the problem is stilk there, it may be due to geographical restrictions then you can avoid it by using vpn.
  11. The main objective of this forum is to share information and help othrs so that they also get to know about it. So in this forum it is really important to make new posts of different topics so that beginners do not face any problem by working here.
  12. Yes i am.also facing this problem as my many comments hadn't posted due to this and i was in panic. But then my friend told me to use desktop view and now am not facing this. But some are still facing this and it may be due to geographical restrictions.
  13. Congratulations and welcome as now you can now officially start earning here. You can earn 30k satoshi per day for 30 comments. You can enjoy working here by following the rules. You even can earn more money by investment.
  14. Many peopke are complaining their many accounts are being banned these day and they still don't know the reasons. There could be numerous reasons which may include many accounts on a single IP address. Using spam comments or posting other comments through copy paste.
  15. I hope that the price of altcoin increase and we can get as much profit as we can. But i certainly know that bitcoin price will control their prices and in order to get good amount we have to keep them for longer time. Altcoins are best used for exchange because it is easy to exchange them, but to get profit bitcoin is best
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