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  1. I think that in such a day, it would be impossible for almost everyone to recognize crypto.
  2. If you still do not accept your balance, you can contact the Yobit team. They will definitely help you. I think this will be a technical issue. General Chat Chat LoungOne thing to worry about, however, is that you must be careful that this article counts only useful posts or comments, they do not count invalid posts
  3. Log in to your email and you will receive a warning And Bitcoin won't ruin it and it's getting stronger so don't worry about it. It's better to use the phone than a phone that receives alerts and notifications quickly and continuously
  4. CryptoTalk is a good website for Bitcoin and Lit earning, if you know about crypto, share your knowledge here and earn Bitcoin
  5. PayPal transactions can be averted if you cannot reverse a Bitcoin transaction. PayPal requires all your personal information, not Bitcoin. PayPal is not available in many countries. Bitcoin is available worldwidePayPal is a centralized money transfer system. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a currency. What else is needed to make a profit? I can make a really big list .
  6. I thank everyone for a reputation curve and encourage them to continue and I am here to serve and help everyoneAfter 4 days of working in the forum, you will finally reach 100 posts, and I am very happy because I am now able to start making some money
  7. I think that apps don't make a lot of money, I don't see apps that pay a lot, they pay a bit and spend a lot of time. There will be paid apps online
  8. I often see things that have the same content as other topics. Deleting results for this topic ..The addition from me is to use the search related feature to avoid asking questions about other things
  9. You can work at home with freelancing. You must search or create a website to earn money online.
  10. I'm thinking about the money share and the best option I have been thinking lately. I'm confused about how much I need to invest to get rich in bitcoin. Template General Chat Chat LoungCan anyone else relate?
  11. I think it's happening but I don't know how to use it properly. Don't know when that will be fixed but hopefully the problem will be resolved very quickly. This problem is caused by server problems in all countries.
  12. I feel like I'm giving up. I contacted the administrator and they said we were trying to fix the problem. Let's see Ahmed. What will happen I have faced the same problem since yesterday. "Send to My Balance" does not work on YoBit
  13. I think, that makes it one of the future currencies it could be, but in my opinion the presence of the Krex24 Exchange is simply insufficient because the business of this exchange is very low .This coin is great for mining.
  14. But as a country limited blockchain it will have great impact on the people of the country. They will be able to learn more about crypto and become more involved. China is showing the world a new way. Xuperchain is now the newest technology. General Chat Chat LoungSo, of course, we review its safety and progress. We should find bugs and cons but it is better to compare blockchain.
  15. Thank you for this information, you mentioned the same thing about whales, I think they are individuals like us but their huge investment and .The amount of cryptocurrency, they have great weight in the crypto world, thanks for your contribution to this good topic
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