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  1. App fun is very interesting. This app is better than others app. Its very easy to use and comfortable for all new and old device.Storm play rewards users with bitcoin for simply trying out, new game products or services.Thank you
  2. I don't think I will make a profit from apps that use referrals to make money. I rarely succeed in introducing to many people.This a plus for those who have high members in their telegram channels.
  3. I am quite curious about it. But there are so many applications that I need to be concerned about.You have put every information with this app without payment proof.Thank you
  4. Bitcoin mining is good way to earn with phone. You can find them in searching on crypto talk forum too. Free faucet are even better.For passive income I use these apps only on the Knox emulator. So they also give lamas.
  5. Very interesting that you convey here. I think there are still many people who use luno wallets.People will also most likely want to see proof of payment for those apps.
  6. You can try cryptopop and cryptoword too, it can be found on Google playstore.I have find some app but most of them are fake. Please suggest me a real app.Thank you
  7. If you want to buy the best gaming phone then I would say that you.But if you want, you can try some Samsung phones, it do have great hardware.
  8. You do not know whether the crypto needs electricity.Because the times are growing now it is impossible for all cities in a country to not have electricity.Thank you
  9. I need both bitcoin and stable coins, profit results when trading usually move to stable coins.Is the Best way to Do goode Profit and easy. But i try with other cryptocurrency by investing but i dont earn nothing.
  10. I will say i will increase my portfolio. I will buy another coin which have a lower value and can give a profit in some days. Investor Follow this rule and multiple times entry and exits and earn profit.
  11. My reason why i don't have any plans to leave crypto because: I love sharing ideas and thoughts that would help others here.Because my crypto is easily helped by the necessities of daily life.Thank you
  12. Actually cryptotalk is very good platform to earn money. I think in future crypto give us many futured.Crypto is very strong that it has possibility to overtake some local currencies in the future.
  13. As you are searching for a job why not enter the cryptocurrency just a while. Cryptotalk can gelp you earn money everyday.So it is not a good decision not to try for a job based on cryptocurrency.
  14. You can't get copy trading on crypto exchanges, but only on forex brokers they allow copy trading.It uses AI to trade, and the only control you really have is choosing which algorithm the AI uses for you.
  15. Thank you to guys, you replies have been very helpful to understand a bit of this forum.But unfortunately also beginners in this forum. so I have not much knowledge about this forum.
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