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  1. There are other ways, to give love to your significant other. I just dont think cryptocurrency should be spent carelessly cause you will also risk gaining profits from it. It should be treated as an investment because of its scarce nature.I think it is an opportunity to give away some crypto currencies or also buy gifts using cryptocurrencies.So i don’t give my crypto coin any body Valentine's Day.
  2. I heard the news that Italia interest in cryptocurrencies. They adopt cyptocurrencies in their supermarket. Just like Boston-based marketing analysis company.
  3. if you completed with cryptocurrency then you will be able to learn about the market is going because it will allow water market game you should be clear about all the news about cryptocurrency during trading. I'm going with Cryptocurrency because it give me opportunity to earn from trading and some websites. Actually i'm came here to earn money and make my future good.
  4. I think the future of cryptocurrency has a bright future ahead of it. Bitcoin was the test case to show how the technology will perform. Most likely digital currency is the future and it will have more use cases than just a form of currency.Bitcoin is a very popular and widely use crypto currency globally. I think Bitcoin will be adopted on many countries and the value of it will increase 3x to its normal value. Many are hoping that crypto will legalize in the future.
  5. I think I have participated in different cryptocurrency giveaway one thing you have to is that everything you do in life is by believe that the site will pay you after which you have fulfilled your task.
  6. Many sources confirm that news that Amazon will accept crypto as payment. We can buy now anything from Amazon with our stored BTC and other cryptocurrency. Amazon is a biggest shopping platform.i think that they also announced the will accept payment in tron as well, crypto is finally making big moves and we need things like this as use cases for crypto and not just trading.
  7. This is a crypto purchase, not a donut purchase, buy one get one free. Except for the purchase of new tokens, this is also only as a promo, so we don't need to imagine anything.Buy one get one free scheme is actually happening to other exchange. Usually this type of events only occurs during the anniversary of some coins.
  8. Yes you can transfer from Jobit to your wallet to any other wallet. It can certainly be a problem no matter who is going to move and of course there is no problem.Yes you can transfer your coin earned from your yobit account to another wallet all you have to do is exchange it to any currency you wish to use.
  9. I think this browser is a crypto paying browser. and it pays you for browsing in their browser. and it pays per ad. Brave browser is a browser that allows you earn just browsing on that software. You'll get paid just by viewing ads in the browser and I think you'll receive the payment after a month.A thick browser is a browser that if we browse our browsers get tokens, and tokens can be cashed and can be used to trade on several exchanges.
  10. I think many more countries will join the race for crypto currencies because as the world saw china admit to using blockchain in the future we are now seeing india wants to lauch its own coin and many more countries will do the same and still be a fight over which coin will dominate the market.Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency if every country launch their own currency still people will use bitcoin they will use own countries currency besides bitcoin so we don't need to worry about that.
  11. Yes. You will get a good profit if you can invest your btc on yobit investbox. This is good chance to grow your money by useing investbox from yobit exchange platform. This system is too easily and Yobit is also more trusted. I also made a investment on investbox. If you want to invest than i tell you it's your good decision. You will be provided address for funds deposit which you should use to make transfer. After successful copmletion of transaction you will get access to the whole menu and functions of needed to fulfil transactions and to gain profit.
  12. When Bitcoins fully mined then other crypto currency demand increase and more people work with new crypto coins like XRP, Ethereum and other crypto currency. After fully bitcoins mined the demand of other coins increase and those person who hold these coins they earn more.The end of the bitcoin supply. There is no way to know what will happen next. If you have any idea then you will be informed later. If the new coins are supplied, the value will be in the currency.
  13. I tried all of the things mining and cloud mining, and as I said mining needs expensive costs to buy equipment and it has become unprofitable because of the high difficulty of mining and down coins prices in addition to the cost of electricity, while cloud mining most companies are scam and unreliable and reliable companies do not give good promises, if In my opinion, trading in cryptocurrencies is the best.Actually the choice is in each of you, anything if done well will produce a good profit. If you master in mining please run mining to earn bitcoin, for me mining is too risky because Mining tools themselves are expensive. Not to mention the cost of maintenance and electricity, if using cloud mining is prone to scam now.
  14. Before we buy bitcoin, just sure that we need to used it in a right way, search some informations that we can used bitcoin in legit platform.
  15. In the world of crypto scammers are always there and can not be destroyed, but scammers can be avoided. The point is we have to avoid suspicious projects, by studying and analyzing a project.
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