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  1. There are several universities in several countries that teach digital currency and even have a master's degree.Its not bad to teach in the universities this kind of topic especially to the finance student.If crypto currency would be taught in school or in a universities there's already a room for change and they would.
  2. This is really unfortunate .. It seems that dealing with bitcoin wallets should be very careful. Copies of the private key must be kept on paper so that it is not lost forever. Good, the amount is small, but be careful next time.
  3. The statement is very true. That obviously the crypto can be used as a financial weapon. And if it happens then there will be a huge loss and that can effect the economy single handedly. It is all matter of choice.
  4. Secondly, you will be stucked with a big withdrawal fees, which discourages you for early withdrawal. With this, I think people will learn to invest in coins and this encourage coin pumping. For me, I think yobit is the best exchange.
  5. But now I am able to earn a good amount of BTC by working on a good investment site. Now the crypto currency has a good price and I think more prices will increase in the future. General Chat Chat Loung
  6. I would want to take a long term hodler to be someone who of course don't know how to trade and decides to hodl for a trading circle which means, you buy at when youbelieve and see that crypto community are discussing that this is probably the low price range and sell when you believe the price has reached up
  7. They give us lot of opportunity for earning.so we should need it on the grounds that the digital money says no and no other work and what you need to do in the wake of distributing the key currently is that the cash will be credited to you.. Hope it's beneficial..
  8. The currency market is like any other financial market and everyone should develop a logical plan and strategy in the long term. Dreaming of doubling times in one trade may be the reason for your next loss.
  9. This is one of the greatest inventions - cryptography.This thing makes life so much easier, it helps people in many ways, such as not, we do not need to carry cash, which is very risky for people who do not need to exchange currency.
  10. But ifthose investors lose the access keys, their virtualcoins are probably gone forever. It is important forinvestors to be aware of, and be prepared for, theunique security risks of the cryptocurrency market.
  11. The cryptocurrencies are gaining ground little by little, the most important thing is that this has not turned back and BTC turned 10 years since its inception to another year on January 3, 2020, on which speculations have been generated that is a bubble, which nothing supports it and endless things but nothing has succeeded in completely frightening its investors.
  12. If crypto is recognized as a payment instrument, anyone with a smartphone will be able to pay with crypto currency. I think the blockchain technology is even bigger in the future. With this technology, it is very possible to prevent corruption and fraud.
  13. Keep in mind that the total supply of Bitcoin is only 21 million which is not really much. Also, the price of any currency that has increased usage and little supply will always go up. We currently see many problems.
  14. I have invested around $2000 in crypto and surely I will get high profit in this year. 😐👈My investment in cryptocurrency is $ 1000-10000 depending on the choice of a particular cryptocurrency. This is a total supply of funds.
  15. We as a whole realize that crypto is unstable and we won't know when it will rise or fall so it is difficult to face challenge and we will consider cryptoit isn't steady and can crash whenever, so regardless of whether I could leave and make.
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