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  1. I think this is the best source of income in the crypto market with low risk and stacking can give us a good profit. when the market pumps and currently NRG are good currency.That's it.Thanks to all.
  2. I think Many people use cryptocurrency in our country, but about 5 percent of people in our country use cryptocurrency and I think it will increase day by day.That's it.Thanksto all.
  3. They say that it is only consumed by false news to spread it again. They just don't feel the truth, if they join in, I think that would be something different from the story they mentioned.That'sit.Thanks a lot.
  4. Thanks for sharing your important with us. In fact, crypto has developed yobit. It has reached everyone. I think it will be brighter in the future. And reach out to everyone on earth.Thats it.Thanks to all
  5. I think Bitcoin could possibly change public perception. There are less negative articles about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and news that are negative can no longer have the same impact as.That's it.Thanks to all.
  6. I think Investing in bitcoin is definitely a worthwhile investment, but before investing, its challenges have their own justification. You should do a comprehensive research in the market first to ensure you maximize your profits.That's it.Thanks to all.
  7. I think Information collected by different members can be obsolete at any time so it is a good idea to keep updated for any changes.That’s it.Thanks to all.
  8. Regarding the precursor currency, I know this but the problem is that you can only earn 0.25 coins per search and the withdrawal limit is 100 coins, and the bat currency I haven't tried so far.That's it.Thanks a lot.
  9. I think investment is very risk.If you want to earn more you must need investment. But investment is very risk.If you want to know more about it, you can find it Google. Thanks to all.
  10. I think school students will be successful in the future if they learn. Students must learn about cryptocurrency as PT medical knowledge because there are thousands of benefits to cryptocurrency.This is a good option for students. That's it.Thanks a lot.
  11. I think People are getting better at technology now and the need for higher security in the years to come is a time where it is not impossible for people to do it, even if it is violent and violates the rules.That's it.Thanks to all.
  12. I agree you can take the loan or invest in something, but it is best to use and exchange funds to save funds with a stop loss that should not be a loss as it will already be loaned so the risk is high.That's it.Thanks to all.
  13. I think The LT season will arrive in mid-2020-last2020, so there is very little chance of a well season this year, as all markets are dead, it will take some time to return to the old location.That's it.Thanks a lot
  14. I think there is still something to do, convert your bitcoin into a local currency or use the P2P platform and sell your bitcoin to other people around you.That's it.Thanks to all.
  15. I think I've never used a browser that pays us money, and I only know if it's there, yes I might have missed the information, so if friends share with each other about the paid browser, it adds to my knowledge.That's it.Thanks to all.
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