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  1. Yes I agree And I think, I can use it to improve my crypto currency knowledge. So now my main goal is learning and earning.
  2. Yes I agree In this example ,you have created a useful post but it is a only helpful for high rank members. So try to write in simple terms so that any members, you will receive more reputations from them.
  3. Yes I agree Crypto give me for my posting comment on this side daily. They give a good amount of money daily.its also help me gathers knowledge forum this community.
  4. Yes I agree This is the useful information and comments which get to increase our reputation in the site. Tell about your first transaction.
  5. Yes I agree I have had a lot of failures on my way unit now, so I'm pretty much not that brother by them anymore .I learned from my mistakes.
  6. Yes I agree I have seen the second item very important because using the easy and clear phrase will make the reader feel comfortable and not distracted.
  7. Yes I agree I should have known better and get involved back then. I deleted that news app letter in 2017 when I got involved again and never read that website again.
  8. Yes I agree The best solution is work in block chain industry, it' s more reasonable, as long as has a skill that can be offered, that not really hard to get a job.
  9. Yes I agree Yobit offers several alternatives to generate benefits but I consider that the analysis is also required. Yobit will not just give profit by merely depositing BTC.
  10. Yes I agree I think by this way China will the best country for BTC and crypto in general I think India will also promote crypto in near future.
  11. Yes I agree invest immediately and wait for the value of coins to increase or work on the bounty campaigns and earn Bitcoins then exchange it for bitcoins.
  12. Yes I agree Due to privacy crypto has more chances to use for illegal activities because there is no control of any authority on crypto transactions.
  13. Yes I agree Then participate in various ICOs from the Yobit exchange which one starts in 50 minutes.only positive in the crypto world, especially before the holidays and they are close.
  14. Yes I agree It has also proved its worth and strength thought a decade and would be the one leading the race if you' re looking at long - time spans.
  15. Yes I agree After listening for a while my friend got the money from crypto and tried to understand how it works, I just joined and registered on the cryptotalk.
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