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  1. If you don't have enough ideas about this token so why you are risking with your money maybe it is going to bad I will make quality and not spam posts for this extraordinary forum.
  2. I withdraw them weekly and see a good amount then add them with my trading account my plan is to keep collecting it and later to cash it out when the amount will be big and the price for bitcoin too.
  3. All members are the same but if because poor connect the fine VPN users a short video might help you understand why it is essential can someone quote my comment and say to me what is the purpose of VPN.
  4. I think there are many gambling sites like bet 365 if you are gambling with cryptocurrencies not only that but they are also the most trusted and have a lot of games and features.
  5. Especially those who have little capital to invest and operate in an exchange the scam requests money from you and does not give it back I signed up for several campaigns and there were scams.
  6. Claim rewards depend on current bitcoin price if BTC drops we can get more satoshi rewards I tried earning free BTC with them but failed nothing got except time waste.
  7. I don't like crypto gambling sites to be honest it's like a whole second layer of gambling I think the best is the decentralized betting platform the best gambling website is Sportsbet.
  8. The thing is just play at normal mart angle system but do not double your bet for many times I believe that I do not control certain emotions and impulse.
  9. We should be more careful now a day since many sites that are existing to scam many people an enough reason why you skip all of these copy can investment projects.
  10. Some are legit if the rewards is not much but scammers promises rewards that are to good to be real because basically all of them were same and created to stole people funds.
  11. I agree it's decent but the UI is clunky and can be slow to work I was affairs to deposit my money there since there are a lot of bad reviews on the internet about them.
  12. They have a strong project as well as know it is a valuable currency and not be easily distracted it will take a lot of time for you to be able to trade them and get at least a dollar.
  13. I heard first time if this in actually not offers any fees subsequently it's competent we be capable of grace our BTC all over again by converting it into near by optional extra fees.
  14. I collect more information about this wallet I found its only supported in Philippines not other countries I have to submit my all information on just few dollars which I maybe not received.
  15. Actually had your glance with the initial website they did actually people similar to a message board similar to cryptotalk this some kind of bounty where you earn coins and you get paid at the end of the project.
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