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  1. The reason is that I don't want to be selfish and as it change the life of others whom have been doing it for quite some times now I felt I should inform people around me in other for wvry one to benefit and they also said it's campaign so in doing campaign for them as well
  2. Is there in Yobit have deposit and withdraw method using master card, To get such a license is very extensive and costly. There are someservice provider you can use to use for credit card payments....
  3. Crypto currencies will behave like a wind storm prices increase in this year 2020. The first month of this year showing us the whole year scnerio and we can expect from crypto currencies that it will give us good profits as well.....
  4. Scammers and hackers are always active in the market. We have to save ourselves from these hackers and scammers. We have to use high security. never share our sensitive information with other people. Try to keep eyes on hackers.
  5. First the only one and the best was binance, Great customer service. Two, Try Poloniex they customer was really good and fast, Third, Huobi also has friendly and very fast customer service, Latoken not really bad if you want to try it. But from that list i will advice you try Binance.
  6. If there is no internet there is not bitcoin. How would Satoshi Nakamoto develop bitcoin if there is no internet for him to get some source to create that kind of algorithm, I mean probably he uses it to get some idea. And also we need internet to make transactions using bitcoin.
  7. I think why every comment or post is necessarily effective. Similar comments should not be repeated in the same post. If the new post is the same as the previous post, then I think the comment on the post is not the same as the previous comment.
  8. The word soon in cryptocurrency phase means that there is no fixed time on when the change in price will occur but it will happen sooner than expected, many use this term to convince investors about their coins and how fast it will provide profits.
  9. If we simply shoot the question's answer here, it is easy to comment. If you have ideas about crypto, then all the questions will seem easy to you. Then you can do it very easily.Thanks for the very sharing a very important post. It is very income.
  10. I understand that the cost of coins has dropped the most in December so you cannot sell coins right now, you can sell coins in feb. Currency costs are falling a lot, I think the cost of currency will not rise again in December. You will be able to sell coins in feb, at which time you will receive more significant expenses.
  11. In my opinion cryptocurrency is the best successful currency in the world. We should make useful and meaningful comment in this forum then we can get more profit from here. So it’s a best platform to earn money....
  12. I need about 2 to 3 hours. I didnt take that much time before. but with the new time gap between the posts, it makes it hard to post, and you have to wait for atleast 180 seconds between posts, and hence it takes a minimum of 2 hours to 3 hours everyday, and i dont mind it at all.
  13. In my opinion i think a big demand in market make bitcoin more expansive than any other currency. A big number of people use Bitcoin at present. Also the price of bitcoin is increasing day by day. That's why bitcoin is a expensive currency.
  14. You will not find any real photos of Satoshi Nakamoto on internet, and the reason is that he wants to remain anonymous just like the coin he created. His creation is anonymous and he wants the same for himself.
  15. Your number 4 point is absolutely true, I do read a lot of topic they get free coins and how they can be rich in a year. The free coins that we earn in cryptotalk is kinda good but it is just enough to have extra money. Trading, bounty and gambling is the best way to earn more.
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